Welcome Apocalypse

1. Welcome Apocalypse
2. Cassandra
3. Alive
4. Blackout
5. Heroes
6. Secret War
7. Behind a Smile
8. Dust
9. Mirror Mirror
10. Like Water
11. The Show
12. Flowers of Evil
13. With or Without You (U2 cover)

Samuela Fuiani - vocals, keys
Ruggero Doronzo - guitar
Gianni Colonna - guitar
Davide Ricciardi - bass
Giuseppe Centonza - drums

Vengeance (EP 2016)



Released 2018-04-20
Reviewed 2018-04-11

mighty music

From the asphodel meadows in the underworld comes a band that welcomes apocalypse, and why not? Don’t we all need a touch of apocalypse every now and then? They happen to from Italy the female fronted band that calls themselves Asphodelia to signify their themes around the afterlife fleetingness of time and misery of the human condition. A positive band it seems. Their debut album Welcome Apocalypse has a very good looking artwork and the band offers a U2 cover to round off the one hour long album.

Female fronted power metal with a pretty dark atmosphere and with some symphonic touches. Pretty good production and good vocals, not outstanding any of them but they are good making the debut album a very solid production. It is a bit long though with the thirteen tracks requiring over an hour to play through, it doesn’t have quite enough depth, dynamics or variation to pull that off and the album feels kind of long to play through.

For one, this album could have been shorter; they wouldn’t have ruined it if they cut away a few of the tracks. And another thing, they are missing a distinct hit song or something like that to draw me as a listener towards the album, they don’t really have anything like that. The closest might be the U2 cover which is a good cover but the original is better, the best of their own songs might be Like Water, at least that’s the song I come to think of. Still, it is a good debut album and Asphodelia delivers many positive things with their debut album, like good songs and good music – it is a competent and good album.

For the fan of female fronted metal, if you are a fan of that kind of music I recommend that you check out this album, it will probably appeal very much to you. However, in the grander scheme of things I think Asphodelia’s debut album will remain in obscurity, as it doesn’t stand out enough for us to really stop and take notice. It is a good album but not much more than that, it is missing the last little pieces that makes a good album great.




Label: Mighty Music/Target
Three similar bands: Evenoire/Sirenia/Nightwish
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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