01. Straight Between Our Hearts
02. Bad Signs
03. Feel Your Love Tonight
04. Night Of Fire
05. Follow The Dawn
06. A New Love
07. Living A Lie
08. Just To Sing
09. Open Road
10. That Place Is You

Stefano Viana – Guitars


Alessandro Del Vecchio – Vocals
Francesco Marras – Guitars
Anna Portalupi – Bass
Alessandro Mori – Drums
Gabriele Gozzi – Backing vocals
Pasquale India – Keyboards

Produced by Stefano Viana
co Produced, mixed and mastered by Alessandro Del Veccio
Artwork and graphics by Aeglos Art

Released 2017-03-24
Reviewed 2016-03-26

street symphonies

Guitatist Stefano Viana has joined forces with Alessandro Del Vecchio in order to create the first album under the Viana moniker. It is an album that looks very good. But it doesn’t only look very good, it also sounds good. Viana has together with Del Vecchio produced this album and Del Vecchio does the vocals. You know, the Italians are rather good when it comes to melodic metal and when Del Vecchio’s name is floating around we usually get some good stuff, like when it comes to Viana.

Melodic rock music of the classic kind, perhaps you can call it AOR. It is catchy with strong choruses, good vocals, great production and melodies – kind of like it usually is when it comes to melodic rock/hardrock. The album has ten tracks of the usual variety for this genre, and while it may be a greatly performed and produced album it is also a rather predictable one. I think we can safely say that there are no surprises here and fans of this kind of will certainly find this very agreeable.

It may not be the most original album I have ever heard but it also shows how great melodic rock/hardrock can be when it is done best. The songs are really good all the way from the first track to the last and I don’t think that there are any weaknesses in this album. Other than the critic’s viewpoint that it isn’t exactly original and that I am unsure about the longevity of the album, I doubt that it will make much of a mark in the scrolls of music history. Nevertheless, everything doesn’t have to be original or different to be great and this is a good showcase of that exact fact.

I really like this album where all the songs are great and the first one is the song that draws me to it, it is somewhat better than the other nine. I don’t really have that much to write or say about this album, I think it is great and it showcases why I really like this kind of music, especially when it is made this well. It is a great album.




Label: Street Symphonies
Three similar bands: Survivor/Toby Hitchcock/Wheels of Fire
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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