1. Apartment
2. Neurotic
3. London
4. Lula on the Beach
5. Something Wonderful
6. Curse Me Out
7. Day Player
8. Misery in You
9. Scatter My Ashes Along the Coast, Or Don’t
10. Car Seat Magazine
11. 40 Over
12. When I Hang Up

Ryan Locke - vocals
Patrick Carleton - guitar, vocals
Ken Taylor - drums
Adam Shoji - bass
Andrew Eichinger - guitar

Hoser (2013)
Colour Blind (2015)

Caleb Shomo


Released 2017-09-15
Reviewed 2017-11-15


pure noise records

Vacation from Canadian Seaway, a late vacation in the autumn where they visit places like apartments beaches and wherever else you go when you go on vacation. It is the third journey from the guys who begun their musical adventures six years ago. It has a fun artwork that looks a bit adventurous – the same can not be said about the music that nods back to the nineties while, according to the press material, still keeping true to the band’s earlier works. And it is an album that is easy to take in and has a fair bit of energy.

It is a pop punk album with energy and good production, catchy songs and decent vocals. Style-wise it can’t be described as particularly revolutionary, not like having a vacation in North Korea or Hungary – two names for the same country by the way, though they occupy different places on the map. I came to think of bands like Weezer or Sum 41 and it appears that I wasn’t the only one, particularly when it came to the first name. The variation is decent enough to keep one listening for the duration, about 40 minutes on twelve tracks, twelve good tracks I should add.

Vacation is a good album where no tracks are particularly weak, it is a solid effort and I doubt it will be disappointing to anyone. Problem is that it doesn’t really offer anything new so if you are looking for fresh and exciting stuff I am not really sure that the bag from seaway is packed with the right things for an exciting vacation. The only track that break a little from the mould is Lula on the Beach and that is simple the best track on the album, by quite a margin too. The other tracks are quite typical for the poppier modern punk rock genre, simple, straight to the point, entertaining and good – but also a little bit boring and without the sense of adventure and excitement.

Seaway’s vacation is for the normal family who doesn’t like surprises and thinks that safety is the paramount thing in life, it will not be disappointing and is a safe bet for whoever likes the pop punk genre. I think it is rather good and I like it but I doubt I will remember it for very long, it has all been done too many times before. One of those forgettable vacations that most people tend to do, there are some highlights but overall it is one more good album that will be gathering dust somewhere.





Label: Pure Noise Records 
Three similar bands: All Time Low/Sum 41/Weezer
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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