Power Quest
Sixth Dimension

01. Lords of Tomorrow
02. Starlight City
03. Kings and Glory
04. Face the Raven
05. No More Heroes
06. Revolution Fighters
07. Pray for the Day
08. Coming Home
09. The Sixth Dimension

Ashley Edison - Vocals
Steve Williams - Keyboards
Andy Kopczyk - Guitars
Glyn Williams - Guitars
Paul Finnie - Bass
Rich Smith - Drums

Wings of Forever (2002)
Neverworld (2003)
Magic Never Dies (2005)
Master of Illusion (2008)
Blood Alliance (2011)

Anette Olzon - vocals
Andrea Martongelli - guitar solo
Lars Rettkowitz - guitar solo

Recorded by Alessio Garavello at Rogue Studios, London
Mixed by Alessio Garavello and Steve Williams
Mastered by Jens Bogren
Artwork by Felipe Machado Franco
Design by Jan Yrlund

Released 2017-10-13
Reviewed 2017-09-30

inner wound

Like Jag Panzer that I reviewed yesterday it has been six years since the latest album and now they are releasing a new one. It is the sixth album by Power Quest, their first was released in 2002. So, what can the fans expect from their favourites now after six years of silence? Well, they can expect a pretty strong power metal album, an album that will appeal to most fans of power metal. I would say that it sounds better than it looks, not saying that the cover is bad but it pretty average and not very exciting.

It is all about power metal of the classic school, built around strong melodies and catchy choruses and a typically strong production like we often hear from the modern bands of this genre. The vocalist is pretty good as well, and they probably push all the right buttons to be appealing to the power metal fans. The album has a lyrical theme running through the album which might be the reason for the album not sounding very varied but it still has enough depth not to feel very long despite being fifty three minutes long which is usually a bit on the long side. I think it would be correct to claim that it is a very strong production.

A major argument against this album would probably be that it lacks a sense of novelty and that it goes down the tried and tested routes rather than doing something different. But when you make it this good it is hard to argue against it and I am sure that the power metal fans will find this album most appealing. I don’t really think that the album has any weakness; all nine songs are very good even though none of them really stands out as an outstanding hit song. The ending track, the longest track of the album is probably the one I like best of the nine but they are all very good so it may just be down to the mood of the day.

In the end I think that this is an album worthy of looking closer at, it should appeal to fans of the power metal genre and it should appeal to music fans in general. I would have to think that it is probably the best power metal album I have heard in a while, great songs and great music is what it has to offer. I think you ought to check it out.





Label: Inner Wound Recordings
Three similar bands:
DragonForce/Freedom Call/Cellador
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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