The Mute Gods
tardigrades will inherit the earth

1. Saltatio Mortis
2. Animal Army
3. We Can't Carry On
4. The Dumbing Of The Stupid
5. Early Warning
6. Tardigrades Will Inherit The Earth
7. Window Onto The Sun
8. Lament
9. The Singing Fish Of Batticaloa
10. The Andromeda Strain
11. Stranger Than Fiction

Nick Beggs - string basses, guitars, Chapman Stick, programming, keyboards and vocals
Roger King - keyboards, programming, guitars, backing vocals, production and mastering
Marco Minnemann - drums additional guitars

do nothing till you hear from me (2016)

Lula Beggs - Backing vocals
Lauren King - Backing vocals


Released 2017-02-24
Reviewed 2017-03-01


The mute gods are back, preaching that the tardigrades will inherit the earth. It doesn’t sound like a very likely prophecy in the shorter run, however those tardigrades are very resilient, perhaps the most resilient of species we know of so eventually they might take over the Earth. This is the second album by these guys, the first one was released little over a year ago and that was well received by us as it was a good album. This one is also good but it is not as good as its predecessor, it is a bit more ordinary and doesn’t quite have the quality of songs as was heard on the debut.

It is progressive rock, think in style of Genesis or Steve Hackett; it is in that sort of style. And what I wrote of the previous album is rather true about this one as well, albeit it being less fresh in sound and style than that album. The production is good; I like the sound more than I like the songs, good vocals and decent variation over an album that plays for little over fifty minutes. I think that is a tad on the long side, it is a tad too much and I think it could have been a little bit shorter.

This album is rather good, the melodies are strong and the vocalist is good, it presses the right buttons for someone who enjoys this genre. However, besides the great ending track I think album lacks highlight tracks and it just pass me by without making much of an impression. Stranger Than Fiction that ends the album is the greatest thing we get to hear on this album, I really like that song but it is the only thing that really ticks my boxes when I listen to this album. I do however believe that fans who like this kind of music might find this more agreeable than I do, they do make music in the right style for fans of Genesis and their likes.

Perhaps they were a little cautious, didn’t want to progress or whatever but if the tardigrades will inherit the earth they will not do it to as good a soundtrack as I know these mute gods are capable of delivering. I find this album pretty good but it is not original or exciting enough to really stand out, one could almost claim that it is a tad ordinary.





Label: InsideOut
Three similar bands: Steven Wilson/Lifesigns/Steve Hackett
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Rating: Daniel Källmalm

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