The Mute Gods
Do Nothing till You hear from Me

1. do nothing till you hear from me
2. praying to a mute god
3. nightschool for idiots
4. feed the troll
5. your dark ideas
6. last man on earth (bonus track)
7. in the crosshairs
8. strange relationship
9. swimming horses
10. mavro capelo (bonus track)
11. father daughter

Nick Beggs - string basses, string guitars, Chapman Stick, programming, keyboards and vocals
Roger King - keyboards, programming, guitars, backing vocals, production and mastering Marco Minnemann - drums, guitars and sound design


Ricky Wilde - keyboards, programming, guitars and backing vocals
Frank Van Bogaert - keyboards and backing vocals, additional mixing
Nick D’Virgilio - drums, guitar and keyboards
Gary O’toole - drums
Lula Beggs - vocals


Released 2015-01-22
Reviewed 2016-02-26


“We live in a time of heightened religious fundamentalism in which people deliver the wrath of God or speak out on his behalf,”says Nick Beggs. “When did God appoint these dubious PR men? The people in this world who should truly be listened to are often the ones who are silenced. The voice of reason seems strangely quiet in the face of so much disinformation. The Mute Gods address this imbalance.” This is copy-pasted from the press sheet accompanying this album, I am not really that fond of self-proclaimed prophets. And it seems as though they are just more of these people who see negativity in a world that in every measurable sense is getting increasingly better – the question is not of defeating the evil because it is dying by itself, but more of defeating people’s pessimism; but then again maybe people just want things to be bad and hate good things.

Anyway, lets not delve into the shortcomings of mankind, The Mute Gods may be poor as prophets and speakers of truth but this is a music album. And it is a progressive rock album, kind of classic in style yet with a fresh perspective as this kind of music usually offers. Great production and sound, very well thought out album with a strong depth and longevity. It is of course quite varied as music of this genre often is, and the playing time is one hour and that doesn’t feel too long or anything – something that is always a strong feat. And I would conclude that this is a quality production.

Good thing is that they don’t let their preaching for those who should be heard but isn’t overpower the album but let us instead focus on the great songs that we get to hear. It is a great album; good to listen to and with only minor weaknesses it is well worth enjoying. Overall it is great but there are some parts that are a bit tired and the ending is not as good as the beginning but I don’t doubt that fans of the progressive rock genre will enjoy this album – I know I do. It is very enjoyable, on all fronts.

There are several great songs on the album but a few are a bit more worthy of an honourable mention, like the opening title track and Feed the Troll that are both excellent tracks. Then we have my favourite track called Nightschool for Idiots, a place where Donald Trump was taught to be the idiot he is nowadays. So, with these memorable tracks and a really strong album I find this album well worth checking out and I don’t doubt that fans of the genre agree with me – though it may only be for that audience.




Label: InsideOut
Three similar bands: Steven Wilson/Lifesigns/Steve Hackett
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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