Madame Mayhem
Ready For Me

1. War You Started
2. Wake Up (Enemy)
3. Hurt Me
4. Innocent
5. All Around The World
6. Number One
7. Stand Up
8. Say Go
9. Before You Burn
10. Original
11. Slow It Down
12. So Wrong (Lay You To Rest)
13. Ready For Me

Madame Mayhem - Vocals
Clint Lowery - Guitar
Troy McLawhorn - Guitar
Corey Lowery - Bass, guitar
Ryan Bennett - Drums
Bevan Davies - Drums

White Noise (2012)
Now You Know (2016)


Produced by Corey Lowery
Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, New York
Recording, engineering and mixing by Corey Lowery
Recorded at Lighthouse Studios
Album artwork, graphic design and layout by Msndrstd Designs

Released 2017-10-20
Reviewed 2017-10-04


Are you ready for Madame Mayhem? Well I guess on my part the answer was no as I didn’t quite feel up to the challenge of tackling thirteen tracks on an album, the madame was long-winded on the predecessor as well but that album had more novelty. The third album from the madame doesn’t really reveal much mayhem and the name feels a bit misplaced even though the cover looks a bit mayhem-like in a way. The names behind the albums are strong names from the genre and this female fronted rock album is certainly very strongly produced and with the right marketing it should generate a whole lot of attention as it is one of those inoffensive album that is quite appealing no matter what kind of music you like. I say appealing, that however does not mean that it is fantastic as those albums that appeal to a majority rarely strikes a major chord with anyone making it one of those albums you like but forget a while later.

It is female fronted rock music of the typical variety, if you have heard the very likeable predecessor Now You Know you now know how this album sounds at it is more or less the same album with different song titles. A bit exaggerated of course but it isn’t exactly an album that breaks new ground or gives a sense of novelty and there would not really be a point for me to get this one as I already have the predecessor and I can’t see that this new album offers anything the predecessor hasn’t already offered. It could have been shorter, the production is very good though and the madame sings really well and is probably the highlight of the album as the songs don’t really offer that much exciting stuff. It feels like a very safe and solid production, no mayhem to be found anywhere – and that is a real shame.

I am not stating that this is a sad excuse for an album because it isn’t, I like this album as it is good. It could have been shorter even though the ending title track is good as is the tenth track called original. Those tracks along with second track Wake Up (Enemy) are probably the tracks I like the best on this album. An album that should certainly appeal to those who have liked the madame in the past, and probably to most who hears it as it is an album that is very hard to dislike. It could have been more exciting though, a bit more bravery and mayhem wouldn’t have hurt this album.

So in the end it is an album for those into the female fronted hardrock music, for those who like Madame Mayhem’s earlier albums and for those who wants a plain and simple, yet good, female fronted hardrock album. Quite enjoyable despite being a bit long and a bit safe, I think the correct way to end would be to claim that this is a good album but it would have been great if it had a bit fewer tracks and a bit more mayhem.



Label: Metalville
Three similar bands: Lita Ford/Vixen/The Mariana Hollow

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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