Hidden Danger
Access Denied

1. Hell Fire
2. Gone
3. Sign of the Times
4. Long Way Home
5. Rokken
6. Believe
7. Schism
8. Beyond the Sun
9. Brave New World
10. Don't Go Away

Tony Cacciutti



Written, recorded and produced by Tony Cacciutti

Released 2017-01-30
Reviewed 2017-04-08


There are many hidden dangers in the world, like trucks, natural disasters, and many other things – like albums called Access Denied. Behind this Hidden Danger-moniker hides a man named Tony who apparently founded this band 1980 and he learnt to play drums at two, mastered piano at five and guitar at twelve. Quite the Wolfgang this guy – albeit without the ability to write timeless classics, or any kind of great music for that matter. The new album Access Denied has ten tracks that don’t exactly break new ground in terms of musical creativity.

The music is standardised American hardrock with some more imaginative instrumental tracks to spice it up here and there even though most of the tracks, instrumental or otherwise are quite ordinary when it comes to their stylistic offering. I would describe it as a budget production, it sounds a bit on the cheap side and while there is variation thanks to some nice instrumental parts it isn’t that much in that regard and even though the album isn’t longer than a half hour it feels a tad on the long side – the end is good though.

Well, what can I really say about this album? it points out the narrowness one-man projects often suffer from, this would surely have benefitted from an extra creative mind in terms of finding a more interesting musical direction. But it has its highlights, I really like the ending track but the album as a whole doesn’t really stand out for me and its most hidden danger might be that had I played it while driving I might have had an accident from falling asleep behind the wheel and having a nasty crash. I don’t think it is a particularly good album, but it isn’t that bad either and it has its moments so I leave it with a slight little feeling of ambivalence.

Yeah, that’s the end of this review.





Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Led Zeppelin/Britny Fox/Yngwie Malmsteen
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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