Heavy Tiger

01. I Go For the Cheap Ones
02. Feline Feeling
03. Shake Me
04. No Tears In Tokyo
05. The Only Way Is Up
06. Catwalking On A Dogday Afternoon
07. Downer and A Sunny Day
08. Keeper of the Flame
09. Star Shaped Badge and Gun Shy
10. Jemma
11. Devil May Care

Maja Linn - Guitar and Vocals
Sara Frendin - Bass and Backing Vocals
Astrid Carsbring - Drums and Backing Vocals

Talk of the Town (EP 2013)
Saigon Kiss ( 2014)


Produced by Rikard Löfgren at Leon Music Studios

Released 2017-03-24
Reviewed 2017-02-22


wild kingdom

Three lady Tigers from Sweden are back with a second album in a time when they are gathering momentum. They are heard in a commercial for the travel company Tui, a song popular at least around these parts. So they are releasing their new album at the right time, an album that most likely will gain them new supporters. They have eleven tracks on offer and they are all of good quality so what’s not to like here?

The album is well produced, the music is classic female fronted hard rock music that is reminiscent of most female fronted hard rocker. It is straight to the point, no nonsense, just songs that rock and it is like that from the start to the finish, no fillers. Simple music, and soon the argument surfaces, the argument that their music isn’t exactly what I consider groundbreaking. Moreover, it is not so interesting from a creative standpoint, but it will probably be great for many as there are so many who want to hear the same thing over and over – this is more of the same, good but nevertheless.

I think that this is a good album, the songs are good and there is a fairly good variation on the album. The best thing is the energy and emotion they convey, I like that. I like the album overall, even though I don’t really think it offers anything we haven’t heard before. There is really not that much else to say, it will go down well with many and they will plenty of new fans as not everyone has the same view as myself on bands repeating what others have done before them. These guys are good but the kind of music they make sort of prevents them from taking anything more than a peripheral position in the scrolls of musical history,

So, in the end I play No Tears in Tokyo, my favourite track of the album once more and then I say sayonara to Heavy Tiger and their latest effort Glitter. Their second album will probably gain them some attention and many new fans, but I doubt it is an album that has much in terms of longevity even though I find it to be rather good.




Label: Wild Kingdom/Sound Pollution
Three similar bands: Sister Sin/The Ark/Vixen
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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