Sister Sin
True Sound of the Underground

1. Sound of the Underground
2. Outrage
3. Better Than Them
4. 24/7
5. Heading For Hell
6. I Stand Alone
7. Built To Last
8. The Devil I Know
9. Times Aren't A-Changing
10. Nailbiter
11. Beat 'Em Down

Liv - Vocals
Jimmy - Guitar (Maleficio, Archangel)
Benton - Bass
Dave - Drums

Dance of the Wicked - (2003)
Switchblade Serenades - (2008)


Produced by Henrik Edenhed.

Released 23/7-2010
Reviewed 2/8-2010

victory records

Swedish sinful sister is back with another record, the follow up to the critically acclaimed Switchblade Serenades a record which received an approved rating also by this publication. I actually stated that I eagerly awaited the upcoming album and now it is here.

So, did I like it? Well you will know soon enough, but I guess you have already have peaked at the rating so you know what I think already I guess but I will write you there anyway.

Musically it is recognisable from the earlier album with the same raw kind of hard rock music with loads of energy and attidude (man strange typo, I wonder who is an attidude), sorry I mean attitude, especially from the female singer Liv who has a characteristic voice and tons of energy really, she sort of makes the album really.

So is it any better the album before? Yes it is! That is because the album has more solid tracks than the predecessor and like the predecessor it has a track that grab you immediately on the one before it was the title track and now it is the one called Outrage which is outrageously good really.

The thing that makes this better than the one before is the fact that the rest of the tracks are much better than the ones on Switchblade Serenades, the best track is about the same but on True Sound of the Underground there are several really good tracks like Better than Them, the title track to name a few.

Still despite all these better tracks and so forth the track feels a bit like it is lacking a little coherence as it feels more like a collection of songs than like an album. Still that does not really matter when you present the record in its right element which of course is while driving or working with something as it is just a great record for that since it really makes time fly and you sort of concentrate on the music while you still manage to focus entirely on what you are doing, which is great really.

I’m thinking of cutting it short here, True Sound of the Underground is a really solid and raw record still with a modern touch but with the true raw and solid energy that is rock’n’roll. This record is great and now I just have to wait for the next attraction coming this fall, the Birthday Massacre, but until the True Sound of the Underground will probably be played a lot on my car stereo.

So, do yourself a favour, buy this record, it will surely be well worth the money and maybe it is an investment for another great female fronted rock album in a few years time.


Label - Victory/Metal Heaven/Sound Pollution
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Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm