Sister Sin - Switchblade Serenades

01) Beat the Street
02) Death Will Greet Us
03) One Out of Ten
04) Breaking New Ground
05) On Parole
06) Make My Day
07) Hostile-Violent
08) Switchblade Serenades
09) Love/Hate
10) All Systems Go
11) Eye to Eye

Jimmy - Guitar
Liv - Vocals
Dave - Drums
Chris - Bass


metal heaven

Well, being very busy with other matters makes the review pile very large, having something like seven records spinning around the players over and over again it can sometimes be hard to separate them.

The first paragraph isn’t quite true when it comes to this record as it was the best one among the crowd. With strong melodies and heavy rock anthems this band captures me as a listener with examples like the opening track Beat the Street and the title track and so forth.
Musically it is rock music with female vocals, strong female vocals I might add. Not only strong in a quality way, the vocals also carry lots of power to the music. It reminds a lot of the three mentioned similar bands, and if you have heard and like any of these bands you know what you will think of this band.

Well to deepen my thoughts a little around this band. First of all I am impressed by the hit potential in all the music they do, the strong melodies and the great and memorable choruses. Well it is not all bells and whistles, I think the record tend to go unnoticed for chunks of time it is despite being strong and good it is a bit too many tracks that sound like the rest.

One track stands out from the crowd and it stands out far and wide, it is so much stronger than the rest and you really wish that all tracks could be of that quality. That track is the title track of the album, it is a powerful rock song that is among the absolute best tracks made in 2008. I usually listen to this track over and over when I listen to this record. As I said, it is one of the most powerful regular rock/hardrock songs I have heard.

It is because of that above mentioned track that I long considered a grade above the one I finally gave, it is just so powerful. But really, one powerful track and 10 good tracks is a nice combination but it is really nothing that deserves a really high point in the review. I finally settled on this score and I think it was the correct one but the road to that conclusion wasn’t as easy at it might seem.

I like this album, it is really good but really it lacks real strong points except for that one real killer.

An album with a killer song and ten really good song is a nice investments but there are much better records out there. However, I doubt there will be so many songs better than this record’s title track.


written at 9-18-08

Label - Metal Heaven/Triada
Three similar bands - Accept/Wasp/Doro
: Daniel Källmalm