1. Filter
2. Desolate
3. Vice
4. Emoticonic

Paul Callow - Guitar
Mark Tronson – vocals
Jen Fletcher - Bass
Josh Sforzin - Drums
Simon Edgell - Guitar




Released 2017-02-24
Reviewed 2017-02-26


Five figures from Australia have put together their debut EP, a four-track musical short story that promises a lot for the future. They were born in 2014 in Melbourne and according to the press sheep they are anything but your run-of-the-mill heavy metal band. But are they really? And is their debut EP anything to take notice of? Well, I already wrote the answer in part, they are somewhat fresh and not the most typical band I have heard but they are not really unique either. And their debut is definitely worth to notice.

Catchy hooks, big riffs, melodic vocals, strong melodies, their EP is a strong modern heavy metal EP that is easy to take in and easy to like. The four tracks require seventeen minutes of your time and they are relatively varied, and the production is very good as well. I think these guys show good quality in their musicianship, they show a lot of promise with great and catchy qualities. Their first work definitively sound a lot more mature than that, perhaps thanks to the band being formed from the ashes of various well-rehearsed band in the Victoria area.

The EP is good, that is the simplest way to describe it. I think the songs are appealing, especially the second track Desolate that has a great chorus and is a great song – a song that makes me return to the EP over and over. And it is an EP you can play over and still keep enjoying that great second track. However, I think the EP itself is too short, and I can’t help thinking that an album with a few more track of similar calibre to the ones we get on this EP would have been a much better choice. However, I guess that until then we can always play this EP a few times.

I would describe this as a good teaser, if they release an album within a few months that is. Otherwise it is just one of those bands throwing out an EP every now and then, this have some really strong point but it is too short to really spend time listening to. Nevertheless it is still worth giving a chance and a spin every now and then – although, an album would have been a lot better.




Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Incubus/Deftones/Karnivool
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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