Sharky Sharky
Super Awesome Mega Rock

1. Sharky Life Forever
2. Bring The Rock
3. Legend Of The Megashark
4. Jake The Jellyfish
5. Play Outside (With My Best Friends)
6. When All The Lights Go Out
7. Old Steam Train
8. Bounce
9. Olof The Octopus
10. Frankenshark
11. Sunny Days (Bonus)

Sharky - Vocals
Baxter - Guitar
Jawnofin - Keyboard
Andy - Bass
Finley - Drums




Released 2015-12-09
Reviewed 2016-02-13


From the deeps of the seas comes this band fronted by a Sharky guy and they are releasing their debut album Super Awesome Mega Rock – with some titles you just know that you will have a great album. Much like bands in the vein of Sabaton or Manowar they go down the silly and humorous route when it comes to style and lyrics. It is one of those albums where you have to be a massive cynical ass if you don’t smile and enjoy it when you hear it, look out Sabaton you have some massive competition in the ridiculous music genre.

It would appear that Sharky Sharky missed those serious metal tendencies that were imported from Russia (imported from Russia if we are to believe Tobias Sammet who of course is an expert on matters such as metal seriousity). They instead sing silly songs of events in the seas, sharks, chooo-chooo-trains that go to the moon and lots of wonderfully silly things like that. Of course they are British, which you can hear it from the music, and they were funny shark costumes and those things. Just like bands like Sabaton their music is simple, catchy and easily accessible, the advanteage Sharky Sharky has over said band is that they are much better at this humorous and silly kind of music. The album is short and to the point, clever and varied enough to remain interesting from start to finish.

I think the title aptly points out what any rational person with taste should and probably does think about this album. Brilliant, or super awesome mega rock is exactly what I hear when I listen to this album, the songs are wonderful, stupid, silly, ridiculous, but yet clever and really entertaining, much less ironic than the likes of Sabaton or Rhapsody and also much more light hearted which is exactly how I think this kind of music should be performed. The vocalist is good, and I am sure that the entire hardrock family will enjoy this album, it may be targeted at children but anyone with a mind of his or her own should smile when hearing this album – it is great. It is an album you just enjoy listening to over and over again, silly enough to be really great.

I like all the songs on the album but Bring the Rock, Legend of the Megashark, Jake the Jellyfish, Old Steam Train and Frankenshark are probably a little more fun than the others. I think the Megashark song and Jake the Jellyfish are the best two songs as they are just wonderfully catchy and amusing. “Let me tell you a story about a fish who’s made from a wobbly yummy desert, not sure of the flavour could be strawberry black currant, anything at all, it’s really quite hard not to gobble him up with a bowl of vanilla ice cream for a laugh…” that is how Jake the Jellyfish starts, I think you might deduce from that what the mood of the album should be about. It is an album that teaches us that we can’t eat our friends and that there is an old steam train at the bottom of the sea that goes straight up to the moon: “CHOOO, CHOOO; CHUGGAH, CHUGGAH, CHUGGAH, CHUGGAH” says the train when I take a first class ride to the moon. This is really Super Awesome Mega Rock!



Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Sabaton/Freedom Call/Aqua
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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