Long Distance Calling

1. Getaway
2. Reconnect
3. Rewind
4. Trauma
5. Lines
6. Presence
7. Momentum
8. Plans
9. Flux

David Jordan - guitar
Florian Füntmann -guitar
Janosch Rathmer - drums
Jan Hoffmann – bass

Satellite Bay (2007)
090208 Split (EP 2008)
Avoid The Light (2009)
Long Distance Calling (2011)
The Flood Inside (2013)
Nighhawk (EP 2014)

Vocals on „TRIPS“ by Petter Carlsen
Keys, piano & electronic sounds on „TRIPS“ by Marsen Fischer


Released 2016-02-26
Reviewed 2016-03-21



We all have our time machines, those that takes us back in time are called memories and those that takes us forward in time are called dreams – something like that can be heard in a passage on this album. That sounds clever, and clever is something these guys generally are in their music making. The press sheet starts with saying that one of the great things with music is that it has the capacity of time travel – it sure has. I reviewed these guys’ latest album and really liked that one; some things have changed since that, the vocalist for once and also the label that is not InsideOut.

Musically I am certain that you will recognise this as Long Distance Calling, it has some of their signature sound but it is still distinctly different from the latest album. The instrumental side is what is given the most space in the band’s sound but the vocals are very good, and the sound is excellent so I would call this a quality production. It is also varied and has much depth, but it is not an overly complicated album, it is easy to take in and easy to like but thanks to the depth it has a lot of longevity as well. They manage to sound like everything but also to sound quite unique.

Great album, excellent sound and production and great songs, we are treated to a fresh and very interesting album. I think these guys know their thing and create a great album, one that I can really recommend that you have a closer look at. The time travel ideas feel like a red line through Trips and the album feels a little like a trip, a trip through musical ideas and sensations, one of the more interesting albums I have heard this year. I am not fond of the cover though; it doesn’t really reflect what we get to hear.

There are nine tracks on the album, none of them stand out from the others as I think this album works as a whole more than as the individual parts. I don’t think it has any weaknesses and albums that are fresh and don’t follow conventions are always worth some praise and when they also make great music they are worth even more praise, like these guys. I think this is an album well worth the small investment it entails to buy it.




Label: InsideOut
Three similar bands: Pink Floyd/Anathama/Tool
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Review: Daniel Källmalm

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