Long Distance Calling
The Flood Inside

1. Nucleus
2. Inside The Flood
3. Ductus
4. Tell The End
5. Welcome Change
6. Waves
7. The Man Within
8. Breaker

David Jordan - Guitar
Florian Füntmann - Guitar
Jan Hoffmann - Bass
Janosch Rathmer - Drums
Martin “Marsen” Fischer - Vocals

2007 Satellite Bay
2009 Avoid the Light
2011 Long Distance Calling


Produced by Martin Meinschäfer at Megaphon Tonstudios in Arnsberg, Germany

Released 2013-03-04
Reviewed 2013-05-10

superball music

These germans call long distance to tell you about an impeding flood, a flood inside. It is an album with a fairly fascinating cover artwork, one that could indicate something exciting. It is the fourth album of the band and it shows some new direction for a band who’s dictionaries does not list words like stagnation, formula and expectation. Their electronic wizard Reimut Von Bonn left and probably left an empty space, but also new opportunities. The band now lists a singer, who also knows to play the keys so they don’t have to rely on guest singers as was the case earlier. Despite the many new directions of these guys, it is still the same band as before and you will hear that.

Having not heard the band before it is hard for me to comment on that fact but if they say so. It is fairly complex music that still is quite easy to take in and that doesn’t require you to listen many times. The music isn’t the easiest to describe but it has traces of traditional rock from the vocal side, we have a progressive vein here and also some post-rock and it is a bit of an instrumental band these guys and they do not follow any rules and do seem to make things the way they really see fit, without compromises to please fans or critics. The eight tracks of the albums are fairly complex and varied but still kept coherent by a unifying production. The singer is a good classic rock singer who adds a lot to the music, as does the spoken word parts, especially the one explaining how the human ear works.

I think that this is a very good album, it has no real flaws just solid and very good songs all the way through. The eight tracks of the albums play for 55 minutes and that feels like a good playing time for this album, it never feels long despite this in minutes rather long playing time. I see no weakness in this album although I suppose that itunes or mixed playlist geeks might find it a bit lacking due to it not having any standout track but that is nothing I care about as it is great as a whole. It is an album not caring about the times or what is the thing to do to work well commercially, it is just good and it is different.

For anyone who is interested in music that isn’t moulded in the same shape as everything else, for the one who likes his/her music exciting and thoughtworthy. A well recommended album, you’d be silly if you didn’t look this one up.



Label: Superball Music
Three similar bands: Leech/A Monentary Lapse of Reason/Gifts From Enola
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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