End of the Night

1. Intro: Dawn Of The Raven King
2. This Means War
3. The Glorriors
4. Hail To The King
5. Heart Of Evil
6. End Of The Night
7. For Victory
8. God Against Man
9. On Fire
10. Rise Of The Sacred Star

Johnny La Bomba - Lead Vocals, 12-String Acoustic Guitar
Jens Basten - Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Adrian Weiss - Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Daniel "Danij" Perl - Bass, Backing Vocals
Hartmut Stoof - Drums, Backing Vocals

2013 The Warrior's Code
2014 Ocean Blade


Mix and mastering by Charles Greywolf at Studio Greywolf
Cover artwork by Kris Verwimp

Released 2016-08-26
Reviewed 2016-08-22



Germans full of glory are releasing their third chapter in their glorious story, captain McGuerkin and his crew are continuing their adventures through the realms of heavy metal. Their debut album wasn’t exactly glorious, their second escaped me and now when getting towards the end of my night it is time to look at The End of the Night. It is an album with a green cover that looks rather grey in my mind; one might imagine that it looks ordinary, kind of like the first album was. But lets not get ahead of ourselves because I always give my albums a fighting chance and I have decided to that these guys deserve a chance to show how glorious they really are.

However, in terms of style I would not call it particularly glorious, it is rather grey in that regard. On offer is classic heavy metal, very inspired by the likes of Manowar and their peers who think simplistic power chords with distinct choruses and riffs we’ve heard before is the shit, if you like that kind of thing you will most likely enjoy this. No surprises here and maybe as the press sheet states they are a successor to Manowar when they retire, something that is long overdue. Problem is that Manowar was somewhat original in their day back over thirty years ago, Gloryful isn’t.

I think that this album is for people who imagine that it was better in the past, simply neglecting that we live in the best of times right now and that the same is actually true for music as well – if you look past all those grey unimaginative bands that flood the scene. Gloryful is certainly one of those bands and their new album feels like a logical continuation to what I heard on their first album and it doesn’t really feel as though they have progressed anywhere in their creativity since then. They will have their fans and reviewers who write them up, just like most other dull grey bands do have. But as a critic it is really difficult to muster up anything positive to say about one more band doing the same as so many others have done before them. Just recently I read an editorial about how the metal scene is dying a slow death due to lack of progress and originality, and when I hear stuff like this I am bound to agree but on consideration I still believe the best stuff is better today it is just difficult to find them amongst all the grey and unimaginative stuff out there.

I think captain McGuerkin’s ship is sinking into a less than glorious defeat with an album that is about as interesting as a beige Volvo. But of course there will always be those dreaming about a glorious past and thinks that it was better in the past when albums like this were original and hadn’t been done to death decades ago, they will like this album and maybe that is what this band is really targeting: to appeal to old farts who tries to hold on to a past that never existed and if they do they have succeeded in their quest. But while this is a decent album but will anyone really remember it a few months from now?



Label: Massacre Records
Three similar bands: Manowar/Metalium/Majesty

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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