Thunder Rider

01. Thunder Rider
02. Warlords Of The Sea
03. Anthem Of Glory
04. Make Some Noise
05. Metalliator
06. Raise The Beast
07. New Era
08. Asteria
09. Young And Free (special-edition bonus track)
10. Rebellion Of Steel
11. Metal Union

Tarek "MS" Maghary - Vocals, Keyboards
Jan Raddatz - Drums
Alex Palma - Bass
Tristan Visser - Guitars (lead)
Björn Daigger - Guitars (rhythm)

Keep It True (2001)
Sword & Sorcery (2002)
Reign in Glory (2003)
Metal Law (2004)
Hellforces (2006)

Own the Crown (2011)

Andreas Babuschkin - Vocals on "Metal Union"
Patrick Fuchs - Vocals on "Metal Union"
Mat Sinner - Vocals on "Metal Union"
Johannes Braun - Vocals on "Metal Union"
Sven D'Anna - Vocals on "Metal Union"
Marta Gabriel - Vocals on "Metal Union"


Released 2013-01-04
Reviewed 2013-01-04


In 2011 it was announced that Majesty was back and then it was with a compilation consisting of new recording of old songs and old songs remastered, I think there was one or two new songs on that one as well. And now in the earliest days of 2013 they are releasing their first album since that return, but they weren’t really gone just having another name but that can be read in some article and the latest review before this so no point in going over all of that once again. So what about this new album with a nice cover artwork and on a new label, is it better than ever? that is what the promotional information states so that might be hopeful because I have always seen Majesty as a good and competent band, much better than americans in Manowar to whom they are often compared and probably inspired by.

Their music is the archetype of heavy metal, it sounds as you imagine heavy metal I suppose and if you have no idea about what heavy metal is, if you have heard Manowar or something similar then you know. It is not really anything new for Majesty, you who have heard them before will recognise them very well so it is “Majestyical” heavy metal as you imagine it to sound. It is well produced with a really good and well sounding soundscape, a high quality production that is what I would call it. Some would criticise these guys for being too much alike Manowar and while there is a point to that criticism, it is also stupid as Majesty is way better than Manowar and I’ll listen to them over anything Manowar has done any day of the week. But back to this album for a while, it has ten tracks in its standard version and eleven in the limited edition version that I have listened to, this makes it just over fifty minutes for the limited one and just under for the standard one.

It is a good album that kicks the ass of any Manowar album I have heard, and fortunately it is several million times better than those awfully bad american standup “comedians” they show on TV right now, american comedy has to be the worst thing in existence, bar perhaps something I cannot think of right now. But back to Majesty again, I think this is a high class album but at the same time it is a bit too cautious. I think a long break as Majesty had would yield something that felt a bit like a new step or something more exciting but this gives the same sense as the compilation they released in 2011, it is a good listen but it does not really feel that interesting. It has some great tracks though like the opening title track and also the ending Metal Union which both are quite brilliant but the album overall feels a bit like: “so this is the new City Rover…” sorry, wrong quote. I meant: “so this is the new Majesty album, it was… good”.

So, the fans of Majesty will probably like it, I like it as well but they have done better stuff in the past and this does not really offer anything interesting and exciting to what they have already done so it feels mostly geared towards the fans of the band. So, not really better than ever but it is still a good album which probably will amuse anyone buying it, it is simply a good album.



Label: NoiseArt Records/Napalm Records
Three similar bands: Manowar/Hammerfall/Human Fortress
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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