Fraser Edwards
I am God

1. Alone
2. Custom Built
3. Mentalist Brigade
4. 12 Variations (On Nyan Cat) Pt 1 - Edward Snowden
5. So Many People
6. Everdream
7. I Am God
8. Geography of Time
9. God Complex
The physical CD will also include the bonus instrumental track 'Dawn of the Shred '

Fraser Edwards - guitars
Pellek - vocals
Andrew Scott - drums
Stuart Docherty - live keyboards
Nick Blake - live bass




Released 2016-11-22
Reviewed 2016-12-12


Perhaps he has something of a god complex the good Fraser Edwards, a man also known as Baxter when he plays the guitar wearing a shark uniform. I Am God he claims in the title of the debut album under his own name, and when hearing the song God Complex I am almost bound to agree with him as that might be the best instrumental song I have ever heard. “You ask me if I have a god complex, let me tell you something: I am God!” is a spoken word beginning of this song that ends the album in the best possible way that makes you feel that you want to press repeat, again and again.

Before that song arrives we get to hear an album that can best be described as pop metal or power metal. The songs are catchy with great melodies and excellent guitar playing; the vocals from PelleK are also very strong. The sounds is pretty excellent as well and this is surely an album that is easy to take to and I like that Fraser uses his skills as a musician to make catchy songs and not show off how good he is with his fingers.

We get nine tracks and if we buy the CD we get an additional bonus track to end it slightly differently than on the digital album. These tracks show strong variations although the tempo is mostly rather high and there is much energy in the album, fans of power metal and pop metal will surely enjoy this album where all the tracks are strong and the cover looks quite brilliant as well. This is surely a very exciting and entertaining album, I just wish it came in a vinyl version as that is much more fun than CDs.

But all isn’t utterly brilliant in the music department either, I think tracks like the second one Custom Built and the fourth one 12 Variations are a bit less good than the album’s overall quality and lowers the average a little bit. But those two are the only little niggles that my critical ears can detect and you should know that those tracks would be among the best on many albums released this year.

But lets not dwell on that, lets look at the brilliance that we hear in opening track alone and the title track, such amazing catchiness – almost orgasmic. And then the track called God Complex, the best one on the album and one that I can’t get out of my head – it just spins around in there over and over and over again. Maybe they should caution the listeners over the risk of getting addicted and getting the songs stuck in the head so it disrupts the concentration.

In the end though I think there is not much else to say other than concluding that this is a great album that I want to recommend to anyone who enjoys listening to great music. And I have a god complex in my head.




Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Sharky Sharky/Ascension/PelleK
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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