Babylonia Haze

1. Mad Woman
2. Evil People
3. Breathe the Night
4. Goodbye & Carry On
5. I'll be Satisfied
6. Flowers of Envy
7. Resurrection Song
8. You Don't Wanna Need Her
9. Karma Generator
10. Moon Girl

Jesús Trujillo – Vocals, keys, acoustic guitar
Andrés Duende – Guitar
Cézar Sánchez – Bass

Christian Giardino - Drums

En Busca De Eldorado (2008)
Dorado (2009)
Golden (2010)
Paranormal Radio (2012)
Antigravity Sound Machine (2012)

Ana Alcaide - Nyckelharpa
Beatriz Sánches - Flute
Rafa Sala - Mandolin

Produced, recorded at Musigrama Studio, Madrid, Spain
Mixed and Mastered by Richard Chycki at Street of Dreams, Toronto, Canada
Illustration & Artwork by Aleks Sánchez

Released 2015-02-20
Reviewed 2015-01-27


I always love to get a disc in a physical form and what strike me when I unpacked this from the padded envelope was that it had a very attractive digipak cover. I think the band is much improved there because if I am to be honest I think that the album prior to this one looked pretty dreadful. But there is more to it than what is seen on the cover as this album is said to be more inspired by the life on the road than their previous works. The live evolution of the band bas been the germ of the ten songs that constitute the album, arisen from improvisations and developments with psychedelic vocation, vague ideas that end up being rotund and the unconscious quest of new landscapes. All of it with the stage as a permanent witness; at least according to what the press sheet describes.

An album of darker tendency, introspective and unsympathetic is other descriptions in the same press sheet. I think it is an album of classic styled rock music that has evolved into something fresh and modern, with interesting angles of attack and a strong vocalist they bring out a fresh yet very familiar sounding album. They do it with strong variation and good drama; the production is excellent and really well balanced. I think they hit the style pretty well on the mark, and I would describe it as a massive step forward if you compare it with the previous album. They have found a good variation over the album’s ten tracks and you have to have some serious ADD if you manage to get bored with the album before it ends. I think we can describe this Eldorado album as a quality production.

And it is a good album; the strength of the tracks is impressive. But not only that, the fact that the album is easy to take in but still has enough depth to remain interesting for repeated plays. I think they have really hit very close to the bull’s-eye with this album, it is exciting and impressive and it is well recommended to anyone who likes their music. It is great how they have managed to make something that feels so familiar feel so fresh and exciting. They have grown a lot since that unremarkable Antigravity Time Machine album that didn’t really do anything for me, this does a lot and I can assure you readers that you will most likely enjoy it as well, if you give it a chance.

There are ten songs on the album and all of them are strong, but there is a pair that stands out a little bit more. Like the opening track Mad Woman which is an excellent opening track that sets the tone brilliantly for the album. I really like this great rather straightforward rocker. And then there is the You Don’t Want to Need Her track that I also like very much and think is a memorable song, but there are more than those and the album as a whole is great. I think those 290 fans from ten different nations who contributed 13500€ to the band through crowd funding will think that it is money well spent. I think this crowd funding initiative can be really great sometimes, giving bands and artists a great freedom to create something fascinating without any major outside influence.

I really like this album, and I am sure that anyone who enjoys their music will do as well and had they not already given me the album I might have bought myself a copy of it. So, all that really remains to be said is: well done Eldorado!



Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Bad Company/Led Zeppelin/Deep Purple
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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