Antigravity Sound Machine

1. Maybe Forever
2. Mr. Saturn
3. Like A Lost Child
4. Another Bright Sunday
5. Searching For Light
6. A Farewell To November
7. Background Radiation
8. Space Mambo
9. Kassandra
10. Paranormal Circus
11. Lady Of The Mountain
12. Blue Jay Wing

Jesus Trujillo – Vocals
Andres Duende – Guitar
Cezar Sanchez – Bass
Javier Planelles – Drums

En Busca De Eldorado (2008)
Dorado (2009)
Golden (2010)
Paranormal Radio (2012)

Syluya Nuvynska - backing vocals

Produced, recorded and mixed by Richard Chycki in Toronto, Canada
Mastered by Richard Chycki in Toronto, Canada
Art Design by Aleks Sanchez

Released 2012-11-05
Reviewed 2013-01-18


The world’s worst encyclopaedia, wikipedia says this about Edorado: “El Dorado (pronounced: [el doˈɾaðo], English /ˌɛl dəˈrɑːdoʊ/; Spanish for "the gilded one") is the name of a Muisca tribal chief who covered himself with gold dust and, as an initiation rite, dove into the Guatavita Lake. Later, it became the name of a legendary "Lost City of Gold", that fascinated explorers since the days of the Spanish Conquistadors. No evidence for its existence has been found. Imagined as a place, El Dorado became a kingdom, an empire, and a city of this legendary golden king. In pursuit of the legend, Francisco Orellana and Gonzalo Pizarro departed from Quito in 1541 in an expedition towards the Amazon Basin, as a result of which Orellana became the first person known to have navigated the Amazon River along substantially its entire length.”

This most useless encyclopaedia also states that: “Eldorado is a classic rock / hard rock band created in Madrid (Spain) in January 2007.” And it states they have these fawards: “Golden Album - Winner of the USA Independent Music Awards - Best Hard Rock / Metal album 2009. The House of the 7 Smokestacks Song - Winner of the USA Independent Music Awards - Best Hard Rock - Metal song in 2009. Atlantico Song - Finalist as best rock composition in the USA International Songwriting Competition (ISC). The House of the 7 Smokestacks Song - Finalist as Best International Song in the Australian Musicoz Awards. Best hard rock band 2010 in the Carlos Pina awards to creativity in the Rock.” What I know is that they are a spanish rock band who has a rather ugly looking album cover but the booklet is quite cool.

Musically they make rock/hardrock music very much influenced by the seventies, they do sound much like these kinds of bands. They often build there songs around strong choruses and a little bit of raw sense to their songs, they also make an album with a fair bit of variation. Nothing particularly unique in their sound or their songs but their combination of music might not be the most common and the sense is that they are a very mature and very skilled band, the singer is quite good as well. It is a fairly strong album overall even if I don’t really get the sense that they are different from what else exists already, so an exciting but rather typical hardrock album I would describe it as.

This is a good album I find it quite exciting but maybe a bit on the safe side, good songs all the way through but maybe not those real hit songs that really grabs your attention even though I really think the album ends on a real high note. So I think that it is a strong album even if it may net appeal to my musical tastes but for anyone who is in his/her fifties and dreams back to a time when they were young and everything was better it is a perfect album. I have nothing really to complain about with this album, just that it might feel a bit typical dirty rock music that doesn’t really offer me anything in kind of revelations or anything like that, just a mature and solid album that is enjoyable while listening but doesn’t quite leave a lasting impression.

A great album for you who recognise yourselves in what I said in the previous paragraph, well made and strong but I would have liked to hear a strong catchy hit song that would invite me to listen again. Still, it ends on a high and is a rather strong album so if you like the rock music of the seventies I think you should have a closer look at this one, you probably won’t regret it.



Label: independent
Three similar bands: Bad Company/Led Zeppelin/Deep Purple
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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