1. Guilt
2. The Reason
3. Hammered, Fucked and Boozed
4. Buried In Blue
5. Into Darkness
6. Hung and Over
7. Rock'n'Rollercoaster
8. How We Suffer
9. Beatbox Within
10. Carry Me Home
11. Life of Riley (bonus)
12. Out in the Rain (bonus)

Mutz Hempel - Vocals/Guitar
Marcelo Vasquez Rocha - Guitar
Fabian Harms - Bass
Felix Hoffmeyer - Drums

Head on collision (2007)
Juggernaut (2009)
For Torch and Crown (2012)

Britta Görtz - vocals on Into Darkness

All songs recorded at Institut Für Wohlklangforschung
Recorded by Hannes Huke, Drums recorded by Willi Dammeier
Mixed by Fio Nowak - Daily Hero Recordings except for Hung and Over and Out in the Rain mixed by Basti Schilling
Mastered by Alex Koss - Time Tools Mastering
Band photo by Jörn Steinhoff - Digital Infection
Cover Drawing by Till Zettelmeier
Additional Drawing by Jonathan Stenger - Murray Waters Design
Layout by Christian Bröhenhorst - Crudeart Design

Released 2014-04-25
Reviewed 2014-04-10



German drones are returning to the scene with a white album, their fourth so far. A self titled album even, maybe they are feeling that this will be their Magnum Opus, or maybe they just feel that it suits their style the best. For me that wouldn’t be too hard considering that their last album was well made but rather dull in the regard that it didn’t really offer us anything really exciting. But album that goes in white is always (not really always but anyway) a good sign. The cover art is cool but the artwork in the booklet is much more fun. The band pictures on the back are fun and cartoonish, makes me think a little about another german thrash metal band, even though that band is more towards the extremer side than these guys.

Drone are like countrymen Perzonal War a german band who seem to draw most of their musical inspiration from the Bay Area sound. Almost like what a band like Metallica would have sounded like if they did their old thing today. They are heavy, not overly aggressive and they build on quite catchy and distinct choruses that makes the songs very recognisable. The album is fairly short and to the point, it also offers very good variation for an album of this genre. The production is high quality, modern and powerful. I think this band has a lot going for them in the production quality department, I think they push the right buttons to appeal to fans of the genre.

They did push the correct buttons last time around as well, so is there any difference from last time? Yes it is better this time, the album has more soul. I would say that it is more of a personal album from Drone, this time they are just not drones in a thrash metal hive. Good thing is that they offer something that sounds fresh in a genre that is often plagued by boredom. I like this album, it is good and it is very interesting with some great highlights. I would say that it is the best thrash metal album I have heard in a fairly long while. Good for Drone, and for me, as well as all the fans who like this kind of music. Exciting might not be the correct word for this album but interesting and fresh, I would dub it the Magnum Opus of Drone. This far, that is.

There are many things good with this album, I think the opening track Guilt sets a good tone. A tone that is well kept through the entire album, that includes the two bonus tracks that the nice little CD I was sent by Metalville contained. I especially like the eleventh track Life of Riley which is a brilliant track, maybe not in the style of the rest of the album or the kind of music this band usually gives us but that does not matter as it is a brilliant track. The entire album is and there is nothing really negative about the album, it has most of everything one can ask for. I would say that the Drone has finally awoken and this time they mean business. I call this a really good album.




Label: Metalville
Three similar bands: Metallica/Megadeth/Perzonal War
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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