Coming in Clear

1. Never Mine
2. Double Rainbow
3. My Secrets
4. Arms Of The Sun

Maurice Adams – Vocals
Tommy Fossli – Guitars
Morten Felumb – Bass
Jon Anders Lundh – Guitars
Jonas Dale – Drums

Best Of (EP 2011)



Released 2013-07-10
Reviewed 2013-09-16


Norwegian quintet Motorfinger surely offers some parallels to past glories of the grunge era in the early nineties; the cover looks vaguely familiar, wouldn’t you say? And the name also looks vaguely familiar, think 1991 if you are not getting my allusions. The cover is of course a lot cooler and impressive than the one that has inspired it, not that I understand what a dog is supposed to do with 100 dollars but I guess some questions will always remain unanswered. This is the second effort of these guys and it is a four track EP that follows their debut EP which was cleverly called Best Of, It has a playing time of fifteen minutes and it is everything the exterior leads you to believe it is.

Alternative rock, or you could call it grunge if you like. That is what these guys are doing and they do it with a modern touch, yet with a vague allusion towards the times and the bands that has inspired them even though their music is surprisingly diverse. The singer reminds me a lot of some other singers of the genre and similar genres, not to an extent that one thinks that he emulates another singer but enough to think that he fits his role as singer in this band as well as a hand fits in a glove of the correct size for that particular hand. Talk about silly parable, but anyway. It is a modern, fresh and very exciting production that definitely lifts this band above most similar bands we hear today. Excellent production. A bit short playing time, it leaves me wanting more.

I think however that is the best way, an album/EP that you want to play again is always better than one that you feel satisfied or even slightly bored with when it ends. I think they do well in all aspects, even though I must admit that I would rather hear an album than just these few minutes that not even makes up a decent album playing time if I play it two times in a row. Three times in a row is a bit excessive. Anyway, I like all the songs on this short player and I like them quite a bit. It is definitely an album that I can recommend, and that is true no matter your original musical preference.

If we were living in a fair world I would say that these guys would do brilliantly with their music, but we don’t like in a fair world so who knows what will happen. They have reached some success and gotten some good airplay but will it be enough? I guess only time will tell but if this is any indication it would be simple to conclude that an album that states the band name Motorfinger would be brilliant. But until that album sees the light of day I can recommend the EP called Coming in Clear because it is really good, I think Motorfinger is a name to remember.



Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Nirvana/Soundgarden/Tool
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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