Burn and Suffer

1. Abnegating Legacies of Supremacy
2. Behold the Desecration
3. Infamous Hordes of Chaos
4. Desolation of the Religion
5. Brutal Instinct of Retalliation
6. Burn and Suffer
7. Slaves of Faith
8. Unholy Spirits of Devastation
9. The Rotten Flesh of Bitter Lies

Marcelo Silva -Vocals
Icaro Freitas - Bass
Robson Mariano – Drums
Daniel Silva - Guitars

4 Tormenting Ways to Death (Split 2005)
Unholy Triumph (Split 2006)


Marcelo Silva - Logo
Antônio Bañuelos - Executive producer
Sandro Nunes - Cover art
Nara Osga - Photography

Released 2013
Reviewed 2013-03-20

iron blood & death corp

Brazilian brutal death metal, sounds like something some find down there or something. The album called Burn and Suffer is the band’s first album, they have a pair of splits and a demo before this debut album and they have been doing their thing for a while now. It shows on the album cover that this is a standard kind of band for the genre and to be completely honest it does not really look exciting as all. But of course there can still be something worth spending time with even if it looks bad as there are one or two good brutal death metal band, none of them from Brazil though. Perhaps we have an exception with a good brazilian death metal band or it might be business as usual.

Musically it is nothing new, have you ever heard a brutal death metal band? if you have then you’ll know what to expect from this album. It is drumming at a furious tempo with a beat that is a constant sound rather than something discernible and the guitars repeat the same melody as all brutal death metal guitars do. The vocals sounds like a frog with lung cancer from second hand smoking in a soggy basement pub somewhere in Rio de Janeiro. Nothing new, fresh or exciting here as the sound is fairly typical for the genre as well so what you get from this album is a typical brutal death metal album that follows all the unwritten and written rules for the genre.

I can imagine that if you like brutal death metal you will like this album. I think that the album starts alright, when I heard it the first time I thought: “I bet they ruin it with terrible vocals” and that is just what they did. And to be honest it is an album of boring stereotypes and nine songs that sounds exactly the same, it is not a good album in my mind. Most albums of this genre have two main problems where the first is the fact that they add to a pile of similar album that will stretch for at least five hundred million kilometres into space if we built a tower with one of each album released in the genre. That makes this kind of music on most occasions quite boring. Then we have the other problem which is that just a precious few managed to put something of an own touch on their music within the genre which makes it pointless to even make new albums in the genre, basically it is pointless to even try as it feels like an instant failure just to make an album in thee genre.

As you can imagine, this kind of music does not go down well with me and that is probably because we get so many of this really pointless albums with bands that take pride in sounding like anything else in the genre. For a reviewer like me it just feels like another pointless waste of my time when I have albums by Avantasia, Spock’s Beard, Jeff Lynne and many more to review. I have spent more than two and a half hours to listen and then another two to write and research this album, four and a half hours wasted on something that is as much fun as drowning. Not my idea of a good use of my time, you might like to listen to a racket but I don’t. So if you are a fan of brutal death metal you may wan’t to check it out, the rest of you should stay as far away as possible.



Label: Iron Blood & Death Corp/Zineaholic PR
Three similar bands: Krisun/Abhorrence/Rabaellium
Rating: HHHHHHH (2/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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