Holy Dragons

1. Voices of Lie
2. Doomsday Angels
3. The Man Who Saved the World / Crush Of Chrome Dome
4. Project A119
5. M.A.D. Mutual Assured Destruction / AN602 – Wind Of Hate
6. Cuban Crisis / Insomnia
7. F.R.A.G.I.L.E.
8. NORAD Alert
9. The Day After
10. HL 7442
11. DEFCON 1 / Zerstörer

Ian Breeg - vocals
Jürgen Thuderson – guitar, back vocals
Chris “Thorheim” Caine – guitar
Ivan Manchenko – bass
Anton Repalo – drums

Dragon Steel (1998)
Dragon´s Ballads (1999)
House of The Winds (1999)
Thunder in the Night (2000)
Sudniy Den’ (2002)
Gotterdammerung (2003)
Obitel Vetrov (2004)
Polunochniy Grom (2004)
Volki Odina (2005)
Voshod Chyornoy Luny (2006)
Labirint Illyuziy (2007)
Zhelezniy Rassudok (2009)
Runaway 12 (2010)



Released 2012-11-06
Reviewed 2013-08-08

pitch black records

Kazakhstan band Holy Dragons is a new musical familiarity to me, well it is quite old to be honest I just haven’t had the time to get to reviewing it before now. I would say that hey do have a silly name that screams power metal, also their attitude saying that they always stay true to the genre and so forth is also quite opposed to my view as it leads to mental and creative limitations and I dislike self imposed limitations for no reason. They have a big list of albums on their CV and that would seem to indicate that they have a bit of experience. This seems to be a destructive album, judging by the title but is the music destructive or impressive? maybe something in between.

Power metal is what it is, that is obvious. It sounds of times passed and I can count bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Crimson Glory, Primal Fear, Cage and many more. The singer sounds a bit like Midnight, high pitched and with a voice that doesn’t always carry the words all the way through. I am not a big fan of singer like this but he has power, and works well with music. A music that is well performed and decently produced. It all has a bit of an eighties flair to it, it is powerful, raw, dirty and all of those things. Kind of like metal should sound, in the eighties but of course it has been done so many times that at least I desire something more interesting (or should we say something more fresh and creative). The album is long with over an hour of playing time on eleven tracks, decent variation but not really enough to last the entire time.

I think this is a fairly good album, it is fun also to put needles in new countries on the metal map, I cannot recall ever hearing a band from Kazakstan before. The songs are good all the way through but the longer the album runs, the more difficult it becomes to say interested in it. The main reason for that is probably that this kind of singer becomes a bit annoying in the longer perspective. Still, in small doses this album works very well for me, in one long stint it is less enjoyable.

If you like power metal and can overlook the silly name (which seems to be a requirement for a fan of that genre) you will have a bit of a treat in this, especially if you like the kind that came in the late eighties and early nineties. I like this, it is a good album with some great benefits with the second track Doomsday Angels as the highlight. Be sure to look it up if you like power metal, too bad it isn’t shorter.



Label: Pitch Black Records
Three similar bands: Iron Maiden/Judas Priest/Primal Fear
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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