Empire Drowns

1. Bridges
2. Stumble Undefined
3. Glamourous
4. Rats

Michael H. Andersen - Vocals
Anders Vestergaard - Guitar
Jan Kromann - Bass / Keyboards
Kim Jørgensen - Drums
Thomas Birk - Guitar



Produced & mixed by Kristian Thomsen

Released 2013-03-11
Reviewed 2013-04-09

mighty music

Quite funny name was my spontaneous thought when I got this album, Empire Drowns. Bridges is their first ever mini album, with four tracks spanning over a playing time of 20 minutes. The quintet hails from Denmark, they are described as having soaring, melodic guitar work, which together with the, at the same time, grim and authoritative vocals, create a heavy and captivating atmosphere. So it is both heavy and captivating? that sounds exciting, to say the least. They have done a self titled EP before this mini album but I know nothing about that and nothing really about the band so enough introductions now and lets cut to the chase.

Which is the music, which is gothic, or perhaps doom. It is clearly inspired by genre giants Paradise Lost, not so that they are plagiarising said band but they are clearly inspired by them. Bridges is quite dark in its atmosphere, but with a touch of hope somewhere in the dark streets of Copenhagen. It is also fairly heavy with menacing and rather grim sounding vocals. The production is high class, the sound is dark and menacing as well as a bit raw while being modern and clean, I think they have pulled off a rather impressive production. There is a decent variation over the four tracks and thanks to the playing time it keeps the listener interest all the way through. A quality production I think you can conclude.

And it is not only the production that is quality as well, the four songs all stand up really well to closer inspection. I like this mini album, it is entertaining in its dark gothicness and doomyness, a likeable thing, that’s for sure. I think you can agree that this is a rather impressive mini album as well, the best songs are the second one Stumble Undefined and the ending one called Rats. Both of those songs are very strong I would say, which is why I can clearly recommend that you take a closer look at this mini album.

Mini review of a mini album should be the right thing I think which I why we do that. As I have already concluded it is a good album, all the four tracks are strong and it is a good album to listen to. I think you can describe it as a bit of a journey through the dark, with a glimmer of hope somewhere in the distance which keeps you going through all the darkness. An album that makes me think, one that I listen to more closely than many album which is why we can say that this album is recommended by Hallowed.



Label: Mighty Music/Target
Three similar bands: Paradise Lost/Sentenced/Katatonia
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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