Deus Otiosus

1. Snakes of the Low
2. In Harm's Way
3. New Dawn
4. Pest Grave
5. Surrounded By The Dead
6. Cast From Heaven
7. Face The Enemy
8. Death Dance

Anders Bo Rasmussen - vocals
Peter Engkjaer - guitars
Henrik Engkjaer - guitars
Jesper Holst - bass
Jesper Olsen - drums

Murderer (2010)

Mustafa Yıldız Vocals on "Cast from Heaven"

Anders Siggaard - Artwork
Anders Bo Rasmussen - Layout, Photo
Jeppe Hasseriis - Mastering
Thomas "Pede" Pedersen - Producer, Mix
Joan Teixidor - Photography
Gustavo Doré - Cover art

Released 2013-03-01
Reviewed 2013-03-13


deepsend records

The idle god from Denmark is back with a second album, an album called Godless which follows the debut which is called Murderer that was released in 2010. Like the debut this album has a cheap looking demeanour kind of like the one you see from many awful bands I have had the misfortune to get in contact with through this hallowed webzine. But I know from the debut that they are more than that as the debut had a certain something, something I think might be a Danish thing as there are a few good traditional death metal bands from Denmark and that in a genre I generally do not like much. But what shall I then say about this Godless album of eight tracks that just like the debut plays near 41 minutes if it gets played in its entirety? Well, all I know is that I have to make a cool review of this better album, I don’t want the band to think that I write anything other than cool reviews.

One thing I can say is that anyone familiar with Deus Otiosus (which means about a million of our readers, or 0.3752‰ of them) will recognise them even though this album is much better produced than the debut. It is in a way traditional death metal but the drums are not smattering along at five million hits per second but rather more traditionally metallic and they do seem to focus their songs on recognisable melodies which is a bit different from most. Not that it is particularly melodic but the songs have riffs and melodies that make them stand out amongst the eight and the album as a whole is quite dynamic thanks to this. I think this is a production that is a step up in every aspect when we compare it to the debut and definitely a strong production when compared to their rivals in the genre.

I am not claiming to know anything about the older school death metal genre or liking the genre in question, sure I have heard a lot such music and there are some albums that I like and this is one of those albums. It is heavy and somewhat brutal without taking to frantic drumming and instrumental abuse. The melodies is what I notice most and it is hard not to get absorbed by songs like the opening Snakes on the Low, In Harms Way and Death Dance which are all very strong and likeable songs. I will have to say that this is a really good album with no weak songs and nothing to complain about.

Maybe not the most typical traditional death metal album but at the same time it is not really that innovative, but it still feels quite fresh and exciting. I will have to claim that this is an album both for the fans of the genre but also for the more open minded music fanatic, a high quality album I would have to say.

In the end all of this leads me to conclude that this is a really good album by Deus Otiosus, it feels as though they have taken a leap forwards from the debut album, in terms of changes it is not a big step but in terms of the overall quality it is a sizeable leap. This Godless album is an impressive piece of music that is well worth checking out for anyone who like their music a little more heavy.



Label: Deepsend Records
Three similar bands: Hideous Invasion/Vader/Morbid Angel
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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