The Last Days of War

1. Preparation
2. Code Name Overlord
3. The Ardennes Offensive
4. Firestorm
5. The Last Days of War
6. Passchendaele
7. El Alamein
8. The Pacific

Matias Nastolin - Guitars, Vocals
Henri Hirvonen - Guitars
Sebastian Bergman - Bass
Benjam Lahdenpää - Drums

Devastate (2011)
Encirclement (2012)


Guitars, vocals and bass were recorded between October 2012 - January 2013 at a home studio. Drums were recorded and engineered by Jarno Hänninen at D-studio, Klaukkala (Finland) in December 2012.
The album was mixed by Matias Nastolin between January - February 2013. Mastering by Jarno Hänninen at D-studio in February 2013.
Artwork and layout by Bartlomiej Kurzok.

Released 2013-05-30
Reviewed 2013-08-07


Diligent warmetallers from Finland show no signs of Decay as they release their third album in as many years. This one is called The Last Days of War and is another war story about death and decay, maybe some heroics and other stuff as well. This time they are a quartet as they have found a bassist to free Matias from the bass duties so that he can focus on machinegun riffs and growls. Other than that I see no real difference from the band I have gotten to know over the past years with their first and second album. Now I will only have to see if they keep improving as they have done this far.

The music is still Death Metal of the traditional kind, dark and heavy, very powerful and often quite slow. But they are quite varied and often use quite long songs even though they have toned that back a bit for this album if you compare with the past albums. They are also a bit more direct this time around and the detours are much fewer and farther between which is good even though they go for a detour every once in a while on this album as well. This album has eight tracks and it plays for 45 minutes, it could have been a bit shorter had it been a little more focused but maybe that is a process of maturity for these guys and within a year that might happen.

I think that this is a strong death metal album, I am generally not overly fond of the more traditional form of the genre but these guys do it as it should even though they should be a bit more direct in their musical endeavours. I think this quick pace of releasing albums is a bit detrimental to the quality of their music as I think that they would have something special had they selected amongst the material they have now released for only one album. They have enough great music to make a great album, but now they spread that great music out and make three good albums instead. That is somewhat unfortunate I think but nevertheless it still is a good album.

I like this album, it is the best one from Decaying. Sure there are still things that can be desired but nevertheless, there is still enough for a good 45 minutes of entertainment from these guys. Although I am still awaiting that album when they do everything right and make one killer of an album instead of an album with a lot of killing on it. If you like death metal, check it out.



Label: Hellthrasher Productions
Three similar bands: Asphyx/Bolt Thrower/Grave
Ratings: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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