Agnes Vein

Label: Venerate Industries
Three similar bands: Triptykon/Altar of Plagues/Pallbearer
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01. ΔΙ Αyгhσ - To Know The God Within
02. March Of The Netherworld
03. Chaos Cauldron
04. Soulship
05. Eventus
06. Bloodfiend

Erikos Negros - Bass
Foivos - Drums
Sakis Kioses – Guitars

Duality (2010)
…of Chaos and Law (EP 2003)


Mastered by Alan Douches at West-West Side studios in New York

Released 2013-05-01
Reviewed 2013-10-

venerate industries

Greek band Agnes Vein are releasing their second full length album, it is called Soulship and is said to be an album that has flown slightly under the radar for metal fans. And according to the promotional people it is undeserved that it has done so as it is good enough to be noticed. Not knowing the band from before it certainly looks interesting, an album with a playing time of 38 minutes that has a good name and a good looking cover artwork, that is something that shows a lot of promise. But of course you should never judge the book by its cover, so what about the contents of this book?

Well, it is slowish extreme metal where the tempo is sluggishly crawling, the tremolo riffs are coming thick and fast and the screams in agonising fashion is what goes for vocals. It is quite epic, quite tantalising in a way and the short playing time helps keep it all in check, making sure it doesn’t get boring in the longer run. I have a hard time putting this under a specific label, but then again I have never been one for labelling and I think that the vocals that are rather understated suits this album brilliantly. The sound is excellent and the entire album bears a strong mark of quality. It sounds well thought out and it is well produced, something that cannot be said for all their peers.

I like this album, I think these guys have something strong going for them. It is a magical album in a way. That means that the atmosphere is catching me as a listener and I feel drawn into the music and held there until the album ends about 38 minutes and six tracks later. It is an album without weak points and one without a distinctive strong point. It feels as though the focus is on the whole picture rather than a single song and as such it makes a very strong case for itself. Definitely an album to take a closer look at, it is a very exciting piece of music that anyone into the darker veins of music should find very appealing.

I like this album, its dark and captivating sound is very addictive and I have definitely been enjoying this album quite a bit, perhaps a bit too much considering how long I have spent working on it now. A recommended album and one that I really like, I suggest you take a closer look at it as well. It is well worth the time you give it.



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