Seven Ends
To the Worms

1. Deathmachine
2. To the worms
3. Cadaver throne
4. Nation of fear
5. Bloodfields
6. A World in darkness
7. Hypocrites of faith
8. Chained
9. Rats

Ricardo Carta - Lead Guitar
Noud van Erp - Bass Guitar
Cor Niessen - Drums
Léon Vinders - Lead Guitar
Jan Bieseman - Vocals



Mix and mastering by Andy Classen at Stage One Studio

Released 23/3-2012
Reviewed 10/5-2012


Does this album end seven times or will the band quit seven times before calling it an end? That is two eternal questions that springs to mind when encountering debuting band Seven Ends, their first album has been given the name To the Worms. It is a strange name for an album, does that mean they value this album as wormfood? Or maybe it is dedicated to the worms, I wonder what kind of worm, maybe it is the graveworm or the worm of bananas perhaps. Well, I have no clue and I give up guessing. The band called Seven Ends was formed in 2007 and are compared to many different bands of the thrash metal genre and are said to have caused local earthquakes since 2009, I wonder if that means that they are really fat. Well, maybe it is supposed to mean that they are so loud and heavy that they are causing earthquakes.

They are quite aggressive that is one thing you will notice if you listen to this band, they are riffing at a manic pace, the drums smatters and the words are spat out like droplets from a waterfall are spat over the edge of the cliffs. Tempo is high all the way, all is aggressive all the way through the album which can almost be described as having a sound seeming to be from some worm infested graved corpse climbing out from six feet under or something like it. It is also an album not showing that much of a variation throughout the nine tracks for which it goes on, it also plays for around 40 minutes and it cannot be seen as something very original either. Production is what it is and can be seen as what you would expect from a furious thrash/death metal album.

So, what about this album then? is it just to feed it to the worms? or does it have merit? I guess that the answer depends on how you look at things, if you happen to be a fan of the aggressors of the thrash metal genre I assume you might enjoy this album if you are not I think it will be all the same. It is an album that doesn’t really stand out from the rest of the thrash/death albums out there. It feels a bit like a very generic album, one that doesn’t add anything new, one that doesn’t make you stop and think “hey, this is great” and neither does it make you gaze in amazement over the clever uniqueness of this band. It is an album that is okay seen as a whole, good enough not to be fed to the worms but it is hard to take it to seven ends.

So in the end I am not really impressed with this album, not really appalled either but it is not something I feel overly impressed by. I can listen to this album going in the background or something, not really something I like to have a more active listening experience to though. It is just an album that as I already have touched upon, is too generic, it is also too boring to really please me, but I should add just the slightest reservation as thrash metal isn’t quite my favourite thing so if you feel impressed by bands like Legion of the Damned and Kreator you might just want to sample them for yourself before taking my word for it, but then again my word is always correct as far as I have been able to make out. But you have the songs below so if you like, judge for yourself.



Label: Massacre Records
Three similar bands: Legion of the Damned/Kreator/Suicidal Angels
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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