Suicidal Angels - Sanctify the Darkness

1. Bloodthirsty
2. The Pestilence Of Saints
3. Inquisition
4. Apokathilosis
5. … Lies
6. No More Than Illusion
7. Atheist
8. Beyond The Laws Of Church
9. Mourning Of The Cursed
10. Dark Abyss (Your Fate Is Colored Black)
11. Child Molester

Nick Melissourgos - Vocals, Guitar
Orpheas Tzortzopoulos - Drums
Angelos Kritsotakis - Bass
Panos Spanos - Guitar

Bloodthirsty Humanity EP (2004)
Armies of Hell EP (2006)
Eternal Domination (2007)


Released: 20/11-2009
Reviewed: 1/1-2010

nuclear blast

SFrom Greece hails this band of suicidal angels that seem to think life is like a box of chocolate and deserves to be ended in suicide by nuclear blast. Well, looking at the cover I get this idea, but I am quite sure that the idea is something else. Possibly they only think that Suicidal Angels is a cool name, which is completely wrong of course.

Thrash metal is what it is said to be, that might be completely right but if no one had said that I might just as well said death metal or black metal as I am not sure about the differences between these extreme genres. What it is is fast, aggressive, powerful, angry and yelling. Maybe they are tired of this world and everyone in it, musically one might sometimes get that idea.

The thing is though that suicidal angels cannot really play music that lift itself from the rest of the crowds. Sure there are superlatives named on the promotional site for Nuclear Blast records alongside this record but that happens with all records no mater how useless they are or how bad. This record however, is not really awful or bad but it is without a soul and it will have difficulty to reach above the other bands that populate this genre and they are not few.

I cannot see what the band thinks will elevate them above the rest of the bands in the genre, what will make them a fan favourite above which ever thrash band I can think of. Maybe they haven’t thought about that, maybe they do what they like and if they do, then fine and I accept that. Even so, this record is to be reviewed and I need to give an honest opinion.

The thing is that Suicidal Angels are not really bad as I already stated, their production is as most modern productions are very good but so is most of the music in the genre. The songs are decent but that also applies to most of the genre, everything is like the rest of the genre and this is really the problem with this record, it has nothing new to offer.

So to summarise we can state that this is by all means a rather decent record which has one problem and that is the fact that it just has nothing new to offer and to be interesting today you almost always need to offer something new or something that differs from most others in the genre. So the temperature for this record is rather low and for sure it will not inspire any angel to commit suicide, it is neither good nor bad enough.


Label - Nuclear Blast
Three similar bands - Sepultura/Kreator/Slayer
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm