Label: Massacre Records
Three similar bands: Legion of the Damned/Belphegor/Krisiun
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Six Minutes To Fear
2. At First I Hate
3. Frozen Throne
4. We Bury Our Dead Alive
5. Face The Blade
6. Fury
7. In A Cage
8. Coming Back
9. The Holy Rape
10. Stabbed Again


Markus Breuer - Bass
Tom Freyer - Drums
Volker "Arry" Rahn - Guitars
Guido Grawe - Vocals
Tom Bronneberg - Guitars

Sick of Being Human (2004)
Pure Motorized Instinct (2006)
Born to Murder the World (2009)


Produced by Andy Classen in Stage One Studio, Germany

Released 24/8-2012
Reviewed 27/8-2012


German band Scornage is back with their most brutal and heavy stuff yet and they take their music one step further to leave a big mark on the genre, at least if we are to believe what the ones trying to sell it are saying about the fourth album of this german band. To be honest this is a band that has passed me by completely despite the fact that they have released three albums prior to this one and one of those when we have been working with this webzine. The label speaks of good reviews for previous albums, and such things. I have not really been looking into the past album but this one I have looked at reviews for and those have been generally quite positive but they have been all in german. I found only one review in English and it wasn’t really positive so what to think? the countrymen loves the album while the rest of the world seems to be ignoring it. Well sure many can still review it, after all it was just released a few days ago but still a few more would have reviewed it if they considered it interesting.

Musically they are described as a mixture of Bay Area thrash and the German thrash music, and why not call it that for framework as it is something in that direction. They can be said to be a bit brutal listening to the vocals and the aggressive approach that they take with their music. The ten tracks almost fifty minutes isn’t really that varied though and the aggressiveness makes it more like a wall of sound than something really brutal or heavy. The sound is fairly decent although it could have been a bit more layered to make it sound more brutal or heavy. But I would say that it sounds quite a bit like the more aggressive thrash metal does in general, it is not really that different from whatever else comes out of the genre although you can hear that they are trying to.

I think you could describe it as an album that is sort of dragging along, it sounds more or less the same from the start to the finish with nothing really happening, like it is one song repeating or something like that. Well, it doesn’t really but the sense of it is like that. It is not really bad, but neither is it particularly good. I would describe it like a forgetful album, there might be some good intentions but in the end it falls rather flat and I find myself not really having taken in any of it despite having heard this album something like a dozen times now, that is not what I would call an interesting album.

I think though that because of the good reviews in german medias it could be at its place to say that if you like more brutal thrash metal you might find this interesting even though all reviews I know that is written in english say the opposite. But still, for one really into that kind of music I am sure it could be worthwhile to have a look at it at least. For me though it feels a bit like a disc of amnesia as I cannot really say that it has made any impression whatsoever on me, other than the fact that I want to turn it off after a while listening to it, every time I hear it I want to listen to something else.

So in the end I think we can say that in their quest to become as brutal as possible they have rather managed to become as forgetful as possible and on top of that rather dreary.



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