The Great Execution

1. The Will to Potency
2. Blood of Lions
3. The Great Execution
4. Descending Abomination
5. The Extremist
6. The Sword of Orion
7. Violentia Gladiatore
8. Rise and Confront
9. Extinção em Massa
10. Shadows of Betrayal
11. Black Force Domain (bonus track on ltd digipak)

Alexandre Kolesne Camargo (Vocals & bass)
Moises Kolesne Camargo (Guitar)
Maximiliano Kolesne Camargo (Drums)

Unmerciful Order (1993)
Black Force Domain (1995)
Apocalyptic Revelation (1998)
Conquerors Of Armageddon (2000)
Ageless Venomous (2001)
Works Of Carnage (2003)
Bloodshed (2004)
Live Armageddon (DVD 2006)
AssassiNation (2006)
Southern Storm (2008)



Released 1/11-2012
Reviewed 7/8-2012

century media

I feel like I'm beaten to death when I listen to Krisiun. The raw severity, obduracy and hardness that this band delivers is simply crushing every bone in your body, bashing your skull in to pieces and leaves you completely mutilated and crushed, bleeding out all your blood through open wounds where your arms and legs used to be, like a sheet on the harsh tarmac. I can honestly see myself dead like that when I hear 'The Great Execution'. I feel brutally and mercilessly assaulted to death by this album, which is not meant as a compliment.

The tempo is so rapid that a hunting cheetah can't compare, the drums strikes you like swift punches against your forehead, the bass goes on at you like rough kicks towards your cheast and the vocals are like stabs with shiny bayonets that ruthless drains you on all your blod as the guitars goes on like stone breaking clubs against your skull. Sometimes they go down in tempo for a short moment, like they were catching breath before starting another assault. This album is just like a terrible nightmare because it's pure evil for real. It really hurts me to listen to it. Sometimes I actually fear for my life - that's how bad it is!

Stop whining you wuss and start telling us what kind of music this is instead! Well, it's death metal. Literally. f I ever were to kill someone, I'd probably use this album while doing it (not physically, though but as background music). It's filled with such hate and anger that it's almost frightening. Some would probably call this music metalcore, since the vocals are like deep dark burps, the drums like rapidly banging rifles to the squeaking sound of old doors opening that's created by the guitars and the hammering noise of the bass that is best described as the sound of a lorry on idle running - multiplied by a million. Actually, multiply everything by a million and imagine the tempo were speeded by a Formula 1 engine - then you have Krisiun on 'The Great Execution'.

To be honest, I don't really know what to think about this album. At some places it's actually really well written and intelligent. They mix in some acoustic pieces here and there as well as other "rare" things. But mostly, it's just excruciating. I imagine they idea with this album was to make the most evil and hateful metal album the world has ever seen, and if so… they might just have succeeded. At least it's one of the worst things I've heard in my life… but if you ask me if that's a good thing? Then I say no, it's not a good album.

This album could give me nightmares. It's a 62 minutes long, merciless bad dream filled with macabre, self destructive torture on yourself. It's an album that you can give your worst enemy or an album you could play if you ever planned to act like Dexter. Otherwise though, it's difficult to see why anyone would like to subjecting themselves to this voluntarily.



Label: Century Media
Three similar bands: Kaoteon/Vital Remains/Malevolent Creation
Rating: HHHHHHH (2/7)
Reviewer: Caj Källmalm

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