1. Intro
2. Killing machine
3. Skullfuckers
4. Eine symphonie des grauens
5. Undead nazi bastard

Jack13 - Vocals
Grim - Bass
Ruho - Guitar
Anza - Skins

Deadcrow (2006)

The Terror (2009)


Recorded in Cursed Studio
Mixed and edited by J. Loikas

Released 2012
Reviewed 30/4-2012


We all know the scarecrow from the Batman Begins movie, it is him who has made this EP of how he serves brains to brain eating children well that is if we are to believe the least heavy metal looking album cover I have seen in a while, even the pop singles that Warner keeps sending us looks more heavy metal that this cover art. Well, almost at least, after all there is a brain outside its comfort zone and some brain substance on a sandwich on this cover and that of course might be seen as somewhat macabre. Anyway, lets not ramble on forever of what appears in the twisted mind of some writer of reviews but rather have a look at what this finnish quartet has to offer with what is said to be a preview of their third studio album that is yet to receive a name at least if the information I have gathered on the internet is anywhere near accurate which it has to be as it is from the band’s italian website. Other than that particular website there was really not that much to find about this album but I did find one review which was favourable, meaning that that reviewer thought the album was good. Maybe it is scary.

Well, the album does not really contain much in terms of scaring birds away from fields of important crops but if you expected it would then I would label you an idiot. Although it does not contain much in terms of how to best prepare brain either which is a bit of a disappointment. Braineaters however can be a reference to a Misfit song with that very same name, and sure enough it is what is called horror punk we speak of when we speak of the musical stylings of this band. It is fast, simplistic, metallic, punk rock music with loads of attitude and energy. It also has a slightly finnish sound making it really easy to pinpoint the band’s home nation despite the italian website domain. The EP plays for around ten minutes and has five tracks of which on is an intro and the rest are songs, songs which show a decent amount of dynamics but not overly much in terms of variation. The production is adequate, sound is what you can expect from a punk metal band nothing more, nothing less.

But is it any good then? I would say yes to that, it is quite good although I have to admit that it is not brilliant but the band does what you can expect, they play fast, positive and energetic punk rock with attitude and an underline of zombie/horror stuff which can be fun if it is done right and it is done decently enough here. So it is a good listen, a bit on the short side so it may not suit all times, you would be bored quite fast if you play it on repeat while driving or polishing your medals. But in the end it is a quite good product but maybe not something to really look too much into as there is an album coming and these tracks will be there as well making this more of a teaser than anything else.

In the end I would say that this Braineaters thing is quite good although nothing earth shattering fantastic, just good. The music is well made, not really anything new but good with its simplistic build. Now we just have to wait for the album to see if they manage to tie it all together even better than this. If you like this kind of horror punk, why don’t you look these guys up, they do what they do well.



Label: Self Financed
Three similar bands: Misfits/Deadweight/Frogskin
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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