Neurotic Neurotic

1. Neurotic Necrotic
2. They Speak
3. Behold The Butchered
4. Havoc
5. A Chamber Beneath
6. The Flesh Of God
7. Temple Of Vomit
8. Await The Slaughter
9. The Arrival
10. Monolith
11. The Land Of The Pharoes
12. Those Forsaken Lands
13. The Return Of Ashes

All instruments & vocals by: A.Death

Spawn of the Dead (2011)


All music & lyrics by: A.Death
Produced, recorded & mixed by: A.Death
Recorded in Mind The Gap Studios november - december 2010.
Additional recordings throughout january - february 2011.
Mastered by: Emp-T
Frontcover artwork by: Grave
Layout & additional artwork by: A.Death

Released ??/2-2012
Reviewed 28/2-2012


The foul smelling Swedish one man project is back with a second album, one with a cover artwork that stinks to be quite frank. It is a project of a man called A. Death where the A is said (by me) to stand for Alan, Alan Death is “known” for his part in a band called Ifuneral. It is also said to be old school death metal which is a genre that is often forgotten or buried amongst the decomposing bodies, and perhaps rightly so as it is a genre not many agrees with. I on the other hand likes some old school death music but in truth it is not really a favourite genre and I know nothing about it to be honest and that is also true about this Alan and his album that is called Neurotic Neurotic which is a weird name but what do I know?

It sounds like your every day root cellar production, that is what I thought the first time I heard it and it is still what I think after hearing it seven times more making the total eight times before I gave up and listened to the latest Illdisposed album. Lets just say that the production is as good as the company Apple’s view of the people who build their machines, now I haven’t said anything mean straight out. The vocalist (Alan) sounds as though he swallowed my old MacBook before singing the vocals as the broken plastics that cuts everyone using that computer probably cut his throat quite badly, he might also have swallowed a beaver. The sound is lame and if you don’t maximise the iPod volume it is quite silent and inoffensive, even the EPs I have by Sofia Talvik carries more punch on the regular listening volume than this album does. Imagine standing outside a door to a root cellar listening to three ugly teenagers that plays inside the root cellar, that is how it sounds this album. Now imagine that you stand there for 33 minute and hear thirteen tracks, then you know how this album sounds.

Seriously, I like this as much as I like Apple but with one exeption, Apple is shit but at least they have some good products to show for, Putrified doesn’t. This album is not giving you this eerie feel of evil as good albums of the old school death metal genre does, neither does it challenge with something good. It is just another root cellar production that makes me as happy as when I am paying for car service. It is such a lame and dull album with songs that are only sounds and where the rubbish vocalist is the loudest force and the guitars and everything else is reduced to some sludge in the background.

Strange this thing with vomit, it seems to be an obsession of lousy extreme metal bands, Vomitchapel was review by Caj some days back and on this album there is another religious place dedicated to vomit, the Temple of Vomit. Thing is though that compared to the “music” of Vomitchapel this can at least be called music without too much of a stretch in the truth. But despite it being better than the worst album of the year it is still just a dull, pointless release and something that makes me a bit confused. Why is this crap being sold and promoted by a label? And isn’t it quite a feat by myself to manage to listen to this album for eight times? I think it is as it is bad.

Don’t buy this album if you have any kind of taste in music, or sense of smell.


Label: Hellthrasher Productions
Three similar bands: Ifuneral/Autopsy/Pungent Stench
Rating: HHHHHHH (2/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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