My Hidden Phobia

1. The Sun Won't Rise Again
2. The Endless Void
3. Nemesis
4. Behind The Mask
5. What Lies Beyond
6. Salvation
7. Darkness In Daylight
8. Alone, In The Shadows
9. Choose Your Weapon
10. Under The Same Sky
11. Last Horizon
12. Twilight

Ale - Guitar, Voice
Tia - Guitar
Mark - Voice
Dario - Bass
Andrea - Drums



Recorded at Westlink Studio
produced by Alessandro Paolucci
mixed by Christian Donaldson
videomaker: Andrea Larosa
light engineer: John Simone Prunetti
Makeup: Layla Rose
actors: Lorenzo Pedrotti,Giulia Boselli

Released 8/1-2012
Reviewed 26/2-2012


Do you have a phobia that is hidden? Well good for you, this band from a godforsaken place in the northern regions of the nation that is now known as Italy but in its day of course known as the Roman Empire, the mightiest empire in the history of Europe although now only a shadow of that and known as something else it is the home of this band that was formed in 2008. It was not particularly easy to find information about the band, the label has very little in terms of info about the band and the same goes for the band themselves which is a bit sad as you as a writer gets a lot less to work with and bands where information is scarce usually gets worse reviews by me, not in terms of ratings but in terms of the textual quality so remember that if you are a band and want me to review you, make sure there is much interesting information about your band and your concepts. Anyway, that is not really the point for the music though so lets have a look at what we get to hear.

Musically it is metalcore of the rather typical style, some aggressive vocals and some clean ones of more or less equal proportions. The production is good and modern, works really well and soundwise this album has a lot going for it but then it is produced and mixed by guys knowing what they are doing. The variation on the album is also quite decent and there are always dynamics in the case of it being metalcore with the variation in vocal styles, the songs themselves are held in check by a soundscape that is unifying for the stylistics of the album, however of the dark lyrics that is supposed to give you nightmares, or maybe phobias, there is not much to be transferred to the musical style.

This album is rather good, maybe a bit typical for the genre but good sound and a good feel going through the album makes it still a rather good one that is nice to listen to. It is a bit forgetful though as I have now listened to it twelve times and I still haven’t found anything that really grabs me which is a bit unfortunate considering how good the album sounds. Not really playing at my phobias but maybe at some other people’s, it is unfortunate that they don’t quite manage to bring out the dark mood that they are described to have in their lyrical content.

So, I think that it is a rather good album, the sound is really good and the performances are good and it provides a good listening experience which makes it good. I do however find that the album is quite standardised for the genre and it sounds a bit typical which makes it a release that might not really feel like the most interesting out there but I think that if you like music of the metalcore genre you will probably like this album and this band and in the very least you really should look it up. Then on the other hand if you like me are just loosely interested in the music of the metalcore genre I think you do best to check this out before buying.

Not really making me phobic about their music, but neither are they making me too ecstatic about it. My Hidden Phobia’s debut is a good album, no more, no less.


Label: WormHoledeath/Aural Music Group
Three similar bands: Bullet for my Valentine/Avenged Sevenfold/Parkway Drive
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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