Band of Brothers

Label: Eleven Seven Music
Three similar bands: Mudvayne/Pantera/Knives Out
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01. War In Me
02. Band Of Brothers
03. Rage/Burn
04. Drink Drank Drunk
05. Bigger God
06. Between You And Nowhere
07. Call It
08. Why Does It Always
09. WM Free
10. Dig Myself A Hole
11. What It Takes To Be Me

Chad Gray – vocals
Vinne Paul –drums
Greg Tribbett – guitar
Tom Maxwell – guitar
Bob Zilla – bass

Hellyeah (2007)
Stampede (2010)


Produced by Jeremy Parker

Released 17/7-2012
Reviewed 11/9-2012

eleven seven

Silly name this band has taken, it is a supergroup so to speak with members from known bands like Mudvayne and Pantera to name two of those bands. They think that the title of their third album is a fitting one as they look upon themselves as a band of brothers. I have not really heard anything from this band before so this is my first time getting to know their music although I have to admit that the bands the members come from are not really to my liking that much. I will not let that effect what I think of this band and their latest album though. I have seen that it has received both very good reviews and some reviews that weren’t as good. So what does this third offering from Hellyeah offer us then?

Musically it is southern metal or groove metal according to some sources and that can probably be said to be decently correct. It is pretty rough edged, the vocals are a bit raspy, the tempo is quite high and there is a high level of energy in this music as well. Nothing really earth shattering or groundbreaking in this album, it is classic american rough edged metal with no fancy tricks. Not too much in terms of variation on the album either, eleven tracks and just over 45 minutes of music. Production is modern and decently good, nothing spectacular or anything.

I find myself having problems trying to set words to my view on this album as it feels as one insignificant album, it is dull, dreary and quite boring. I am less than impressed, the songs are mostly standing still not getting anywhere which is also the overall feel of the album, it is not getting anywhere and if this album represents how the rest of the albums by this band sound I would suggest that the guys in the band should rather focus on their main bands. Sure they are good musicians and all of that but the songs on this album, they are quite boring, or maybe we should say that they are rather anonymous.

I think that the first song War in Me is a good one but after that comes absolutely nothing, nothing at all. Unfortunately this album just fails to make any kind of impression on me, and that even after sixteen times playing through it. It is strange that I cannot really take any of it to me at all, I cannot remember anything from this album despite playing it more times than most albums I review. So I cannot really recommend this album as it doesn’t really offer anything of real interest.

Short review as I found that I had really nothing to say about this band and this album, it is a quite dull album. A well made dull collection of songs, possible for the fan of the band or the bands the members also play for. Next stop, the garbage...



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