Time Stood Still

1. Time Stands Still
2. Innocence
3. I Know What You Are Searching For
4. Here I Am
5. Fight To Survive
6. Deeper In Love
7. Caught In The Game
8. A Little Love
9. Under The Same Sun
10. I Remember
11. Solitude
12. Time Stood Still (Time Stands Still Reprise)

Greg Hart - all guitars, backing vocals
Toby Sadler - keyboards, bass guitar, backing vocals
Sam Blue - lead vocals, backing vocals
Charlie Mack - drums

Tracks for the Dustshelf (1995)
Time Stood Still (1996)


All songs written by Blue / Hart / Sadler, except:
“Time Stands Still” written by Blue / Hart / McKenzie / Sadler, “Fight To Survive” by Hart / Mike Moran,
“Caught In The Game” written by Keith Murrell / Sadler,
“Under The Same Sun” by Blue / McFarlane / Thompson,
“I Remember” by Hart / Bob Mitchell
“Fight To Survive” arrangement by Mike Moran
Produced by Toby Sadler in association with Greg Hart & Sam Blue
Engineered & Mixed by Toby Sadler

Released 28/9-2012
Reviewed 14/11-2012

avenue of allies

I think I missed the point of these releases when writing the first one of two GTS reviews, it seems as though Avenue of Allies are distributing the last of the original albums that was released back in 1995 and 1996, 1996 for this album. Time maybe stood still back then but it has certainly not stood still since the album was released, now internet would have released their postage for sending cassettes back and forth. It is said to be an album made by very busy people who sent cassettes of samples and ideas back and forth through the mail before recording this album. What makes this album very interesting is that it is almost an hour long despite being made by a quartet of guys with very little time, strange that they still managed so much music. This album however has the cover working against it, there just aren’t any really good albums with a desert on the cover, a desert with a mirror in it, yes but none with only a desert and other dead things. But maybe this is the exception that confirms the rule as we say here in sweden (I have no idea if that expression is used in english though).

Musically it is melodic rock which can be recognisable for the one who has heard the debut album, it is less of an airrace though but still a bit faithful to the style the band showed for in the debut. The choruses are catchy, it is not very heavy and the production is clean and polished. Compared to the debut the production and sound is less good and the album is much longer and less varied. It is a rather typical album that does not really stand out in any regard and it does feel worse than the debut.

And I would say that this album feels a bit like a longer, duller and more tired version of their debut album which was a bit average and tired in itself. It is not a good album and the question is why they try their hands at this album because I have a hard time seeing anyone really interested in it, it is not as good as the debut and it is a fifty five minute startup thing that doesn’t ever take off, it feels just like it is building towards something from the beginning to the end and nothing ever happens. To be honest it is fairly well recorded but the songs are the major letdown, they are just tired and sad songs that feels more like a waste of time than anything worthwhile.

I think this is an album that doesn’t get anywhere and a step in the wrong direction compared to the debut and when looking at it, what is the point? to me there is no point whatsoever to purchase this album, it is okay but honestly it feels like I am wasting my time when listening to it. But to conclude it all, if you are looking to buy a new melodic rock album I think that there are many choices that are much wiser than this one.



Label: Avenue of Allies/Germusica
Three similar bands: Moritz/If Only/Airrace
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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