Tracks From the Dustshelf

1. Endless
2. You
3. Baby Make Time
4. Marrianne
5. Turning Over Again
6. Dream On
7. Fascination
8. Hands Of Time
9. Love Like Fire
10. The Other Side

Greg Hart - electric & acoustic 6 & 12 string guitars, vocals
Toby Sadler - all keyboards, programming, bass, piano, vocals
Sam Blue - lead vocals, backing vocals

Tracks for the Dustshelf (1995)
Time Stood Still (1996)


All songs written by Blue / Hart / Sadler, except “Fascination” written by Blue / Calcutt / Garrett / Stevens, “Hands Of Time” by Hart / McFarlane, “Love Like Fire” by Sadler / O’Shaughessy, “The Other Side” by Blue / Sadler
Produced by GTS
Mixed by Mike Roberts

Released 28/9-2012
Reviewed 14/11-2012

avenue of allies

It is interesting how labels release albums once released that generally wasn’t very successful, one has to wonder why considering that they probably weren’t successful for a reason why should they work now? This is one of these albums, the first album of the band GTS which was released back in 1995 and then they did release their second album the year after. As far as I can tell, this british act was a bit of a side project for a trio of busy musicians at least if we are to believe the press information. One reason for this album not doing well in the first place might be because of a pretty boring album cover, so what about this album then.

Have you ever heard the band Airrace? This is how these guys sound, their melodic rock music is well polished, somewhat catchy, not overly high paced but still with choruses that dominates the songs. A singer that sounds like most other singers of said genre, he is rather good even if he may not really stand out. The thing is that even though it is really well made it is hard to see how these ten tracks they have found on a shelf of dust should end up anywhere but on a shelf of dust somewhere else, which means that it is hard to see how this album should stand out amongst the others both when it was released and now. The stylings are quite typical of the melodic rock genre, not particularly heavy or fast but well made.

I think this is a good album, the songs are all solid and good and what we get with this album is 45 minutes of solid melodic rock, nothing more and nothing less. And this begs me to ask why Avenue of Allies have selected this album for a new release, sure it is good but it is not like it feels like that hidden gem that you missed at the time. This album feels more like: “hey, this was good” and then nothing more than that, it is another one of those good albums that doesn’t leave much of an impression.

None of the tracks stand out as good or bad, there are ten of them and they are more or less equally good but not particularly varied or exciting. I do think that there is not much more to say about this album, it is a good one but none that will go down in history any time soon.



Label: Avenue of Allies/Germusica
Three similar bands: Moritz/If Only/Airrace
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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