Chaos Theory

01. Faith
02. Virus
03. Dawn of Death
04. Carnage
05. Biodeath
06. Chokers
07. Domination
08. Xenotransplant
09. Final Solution
10. Spyral

Claudio Peterlini - Vocals
Giovanni Spagnolli - Lead Guitar
Davide Benedetti - Lead Guitar
Michele Finadri - Drums


Maurizio „Tachy“ Fracchetti - bass

Mix and Mastering by Maurizio “Tachy” Fracchetti at Mago Studio, Italy
Cover artwork by Jan Yrlund /Darkgrove Design

Released 29/6-2012
Reviewed 8/9-2012


A theory about chaos, once I spoke with Bobby Ellsworth of Overkill who said that the thrash metal scene was like a sort of chaos and that the music of the genre is a sort of controlled chaos. So, does this band have a theory of this chaotic genre and that is what they present? I have no idea about that, but the debut of this italian outfit is called Bio-Death and has a fairly good looking album cover if you discount the band logo and the fonts used to present the names on the cover. I think on paper and by the looks of it this looks like a fairly typical thrash metal release, something that is supported by most reviews I have seen as well, even though there was one extremely positive as well.

The label speaks of thrash metal with influences of metalcore and thrashcore which honestly says nothing as those are things that sounds pretty much the same to all but the most initiated genre inventing people. To me this sounds like thrash metal plain and simple, think Exodus, Slayer or why not europeans like Kreator as it is how it sounds. Kind of like a thrash metal 101, it fulfils the rules of the genre and does not venture into any kind of unknown territory. If you try and think of Chaos Theory and their sound while listening to them without coming to think of most of the known thrash metal bands out there you probably haven’t heard any other thrash metal album, to me it is impossible to pinpoint anything that feels like it comes straight from Chaos Theory. In a way they sound like a tribute band having written their own lyrics to the songs. The sound of the album is modern and good, but no surprises here either. The thing is that the best description of this album is to say that it sounds like thrash metal because everyone into metal has their idea about how thrash metal sounds and this is how Chaos Theory sounds.

For a while I thought about given them three points because of their inability to make something that sounds like it is their own, but this 30 minutes of thrash metal true to form is just too good for that. The songs works really well and are catchy enough and all of that, and besides that the album doesn’t really have any weaknesses, it is a fairly strong album that will appeal to those who likes to hear thrash metal. I think though that you might grow tired of it fairly quickly as it has no real identity and even though it may be better made than the older more established albums, why select this over that one as all you get are those albums in a fancier dress. It is good enough to just justify its existence but not really good enough to make any major impression, neither is it interesting enough to do that.

So in the end I think it comes down to wether or not you like thrash metal so much that you just constantly wants to hear new songs no matter how similar they are to everything else, because if you constantly wants to add music that sounds the same but has new names then this is your piece of music but if you don’t really want that and are looking only for the best few albums in each genre this album isn’t even close.

They sound decent enough in performing their music but so are many, the thing they need to do to go from being something of another band in the genre to being something interesting is to add something of themselves into the music something that makes it possible to recognise the next album as being something by Chaos Theory. This album can never really be placed I think, if you play this for any thrash fan and ask them which band this is you would get answers from all over the place and I can assure you that the only one who would pick the right name would be either in the band, producing the band or recognising the song titles to belong on this album.

In short it is well made thrash metal that does not really offer anything of any real significance, you could say that it is another okay album to add to the ones that are already released within the genre.



Label: Massacre Records
Three similar bands: Exodus/Slayer/Kreator
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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