You Ate My Dog
Like Torches

01. Pretty Lights
02. Sticks And Stones Break Bones But These Words Kill
03. Still Lost
04. Caffeine And Sleeping Pills
05. Spin The Bottle
06. We Burn Like The Phoenix
07. Hospital
08. I've Read Your Story A Thousand Times [Interlude]
09. Skeleton Crew
10. I Guess That's Karma's Downside
11. Comatosed
12. Fist Full Of Quarters [Interlude]
13. Save The Last Bullet

Jonathan Kärn (lead vocals)
Daniel Kärn (guitar and lead vocals)
Zak Faleij (bas)
Max Faleij (synth, vocals)
Adam Jonsson (guitar)
André Hayrapetian (drums)




Released 11/3-2011
Reviewed 13/3-2011

snapping fingers snapping necks

Wouldn’t it be quite weird if you had to use the phrase you ate my dog? I guess it would most likely involve a chinese person and perhaps also some other weird events before something like that would happen. This band from Stockholm, Sweden goes by the name of this particular phrase and are releasing their debut album which is called Like Torches.

A band that is musically based in the rock world with a little punky feel perhaps or something like that. They are quite melodic with rather catchy choruses but also some aggressive screaming here and there but they are mainly in the melodic rock/hardrock genre I would say. The record is well produced with a clean sound to set focus towards the choruses, I would say that it is a clean sound that does not distract from the rock’n’roll feel of the band. Clearly a lot of focus has gone into the production of this album.

With a well made production there is clearly a lot of potential in Like Torches, potential of being a really good album I mean. What I can certainly say is that it begins that way at least, in the song Pretty Lights which I think set out a really good tone for the album. It is a first track which is just what you want from a band in the genre where these guys mainly reside and it sets some high expectations for me when I first hear it. Following this track though I struggle to find much more that is so positive and I start wondering if I was wrong in my assessment of the first track as well. Still Lost which is also a single and video track of this album is another positive side of this album, not as good as the opening track but quite good nonetheless.

It may now sound a bit like I do not really like this album, but that is not entirely accurate as I think it is a good album even though it is mainly a downhill one from the first track towards the end, but it is still good, most of the songs are not fantastic though, but then again nor are they rubbish. It is an album mainly consisting of decent tracks.

In a way this feel like it could have been like the eight album of this band, you know one of those tired albums of a band that sort of do things on routine, they know what they are doing but they lack of enthusiasm on this particular album, in a way that is something that could have been true of Like Torches but it is a debut album and for being one of those it lacks quite a bit in enthusiasm.

Thing is though, even if this album is not bad it is still not that great and for me it feels like there is something missing. From a great start you could expect more from this band and from the best parts of the album it seems like there is much more potential in this band, much more than what is being shown here on this album. I think it is a pity that the band does not achieve what I think they are capable of.

You Ate My Dog is a rather interesting name of a band, Like Torches not as interesting name for an album. The music of Like Torches feel more like it reflect on the album title than on the band name, it is a well made, dull album that starts in a way much better than the rest of the album can live up to.


Label - Snapping Fingers Snapping Necks/Sound Pollution
Three similar bands - Her Bright Skies/30 Seconds To Mars/Millencolin
Recensent: Daniel Källmalm