Her Bright Skies
Causing a Scene

1. The Best Youll Get
2. Killing Me
3. Sing It!
4. Little Miss Obvious
5. Heartbreaker
6. Sober Nights
7. Sold Our Souls (To Rock & Roll)
8. Shake U
9. Pretty Things
10. Stargazer/Icebreaker
11. Kiss Like This
12. Hollywood Dreamin

Johan Brolin
Petter Nilsson
Niclas Sjöstedt
Joakim Karlsson
Jonas Gudmundsson

A Sacrament; Ill City (2007)



Released: 24/3-2010
Reviewed: 13/3-2010

panic and action

Interesting name, was the first thing that sprung to mind when I noticed these songs in the podcast from the promotion company who promotes these guys in Sweden. Triada that is. The thing about such a name is that it makes me curious as to what it is I am about to embark on a journey into, a musical journey that is of course for you who don’t understand metaphors. This name actually also makes me think of my favourite TV-show, or rather a character from it. ”As in her big brown eyes” as she refers to with her last name, that is of course something fun as I really love that show, this record has a lot to live up to then.

Her Bright Skies are from the insignificant nation called Sweden and the album called Causing a Scene is their second album. I have not heard their first album so a comparison is rather impossible but I have this album and that is enough to review it. It feels though like the band already have found a significant group of fans and also seem to have a rather good backing from labels and promotion which could indicate that this record has a decent chance to sell decently.

Musically this is what is called emo, at least that is what some say. Some say that this music is emo, and that in autumn all the band’s arms go brown and fall off, all we know is… that was not right but musically this is rock music, hard rock maybe even. It is melodic but also aggressive and mostly it is focused on powerful choruses like for instance the song called Little Miss Obvious to name one.

In my opinion this is so far the best album of this year, which of course means that Causing a Scene is some really nice handywork from Her Bright Skies. Maybe they were putting their hands up high and reached for the skyline. Anyway they may not have reached the skyline but the higher line of the musical quality of this year. Already from the opening track called The Best You’ll Get you know this is a good record with good tracks as later tracks like Little Miss Obvious, Heartbreaker and Sold Out Souls (to Rock & Roll) just strengthen this opinion.

Her Bright Skies are possibly about to cause of scene with this album as it is good enough to really do well on charts or whatever. The question however is if they have good enough promotion to sell that well. However I still think this album has the potential to do really well as it is a really good record with really good songs. I would think this band is matured enough to have reached the next level of their music. Of course we have yet to see if they do cause a scene and breaktrhough with a big bang.

I will not cause a scene because of this record (I am the personification of not giving a crap about anything) but I can still like what I hear and play the record over and over again and for sure this record is so far the best one I have reviewed in 2010 that is released in 2010. Now that I have written this I can go out and look at her bright skies and reach for the skyline.


The video is from an earlier release

Label - Panic and Action/Triada
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Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm