World Under Blood

1. A God Among The Waste
2. Into The Arms Of Cruelty
3. Pyro-Compulsive
4. Dead And Still In Pain
5. Purgatory Dormitory
6. Under The Autumn Low
7. I Can't Stand His Name
8. Revere's Tears

Deron Miller – vocals, guitar
Tim Yeung – drums
Luke Jaeger – lead guitar
Risha Eryavac - bass



Producer James Murphy
Artwork by Pär Olofsson

Released 29/7-2011
Reviewed 7/8-2011

nuclear blast

World Under Blood, that is not the most clever band name I have ever encountered, it feels as though it is just another one of those rubbish names that exist in the death/black metal genre. This band however is an american band, who are releasing their debut album which goes by the name of Tactical, I wonder how tactical they were in regard to the band name but that is a whole other matter. One striking thing you will notice with this album even before you push the play button is the cover artwork which is really nice and interesting, too bad they didn’t put an interesting logo there and a title that was a bit more interesting than Tactical, but then again it is the music and not the appearance that we are to judge.

World Under Blood does have a very modern sound, they do play a brand of death metal that is rather common in that they mix clean vocals and grows. They differ in the fact that they are a fair bit heavier than most bands that do that and they do in general terms discounting the vocalist thing reside closer to the floridian style of death metal than the gothenburg style. They put up a very heavy sound which at the same time is quite melodic and they do have choruses that you will notice in their songs. The production is good and the overall soundscape is working well to bring out the nuances in the songs. The album does have eight or nine or ten tracks depending on who you ask, I do have eight tracks so that is what I am looking at. The two tracks I was not given in my issue are two cover tracks one Megadeth and one Malevolent Creation, I don’t think they will be of much consequence for the album anyway, an album that is 33 minutes long or 40 if you have the ten tracks.

That this album is a debut is actually quite hard to hear from listening to it, the sound is mature and decently varied for a death metal album. The opening track is said to have been seen in some iteration way back in 2006 but that is just something I read somewhere so it might be untrue but that track is called A God Among the Waste which is along with Purgatory Dormitory are the tracks that I find being the best ones. However, the best track thing is quite a difficult call as they are rather similar in quality and no track really stand up, and no real part is grabbing me all the way making me really want to play the album or really remember it. I think it ends up being a very good album when you play it but ends up forgotten when it is not played.

I do believe that if you are a big fan of death metal this will suit you very well and you will probably really love it, but for me who is just a peripheral fan it just does not have enough to really grab me, but had I not had Deadend In Venice’s debut in mind I would have held this amongst the top death metal debut albums of the year.

All in all I think Tactical is a good album, it will appeal to the death metal fans and it has things that others will like as well. I can say that it is a debut that promises a lot for the future.


Label: Nuclear Blast
Three similar bands: Morbid Angel/Hate Eternal/Decrepid Birth
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Recensent: Daniel Källmalm
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