Voices of Extreme
Break the Silence

1. Damned
2. Tell Me What It Takes
3. Apocalypse
4. Break The Silence
5. Numb
6. Did it Again
7. Hollow
8. Made of Stone
9. Blown Away
10. Sorry

Don Chaffin – vocals
Bob Brennan – bass
Nick Gertsson – guitar
Robert Katrikh – guitar
John Macaluso – drums

Hypocrite (2006)



Released 22/7-2011
Reviewed 13/9-2011


They want to break the silence these americans that play for the band called Voices of Extreme, I suppose they want to be noticed by the people for them to sell music and earn money perhaps. I am not sure the song with the same name as the album is about breaking any silence from press or radio, but it sure does not matter as it is not really about titles, names, lyrics or cover artwork. I think it is lucky for the band that they are not selling the album cover as art as it one really ugly looking album cover for sure. But it is not album covers that sell the albums, fortunately for these guys.

But will we hear any extreme voices or silence breaking when we listen to this album, well I guess it depends on how loud you play but in general I would have to say no. There is nothing extreme, or different about this band. They do play modern rock music with a well produced sound and you can trace parts to all kinds of different rock musical names if you want to. I did see many different band references from different reviewers which would point towards how difficult it is to name similar bands to a modern rock band even though their sound isn’t exactly what you call different. Guns n’ Roses, Soundgarden, Nirvana, Ozzy, Black Sabbath but most of all Disturbed were named in different reviews around the web, not only that varied but also the verdicts which went to quite ordinary to great. But the sound is quite typical rock sound with heavy riffing, classic rock style vocals, you know the one with a hint of whining in the singing, not the dull Nickleback style though. The do still sound quite american nevertheless and they must have been reading my reviews as they seem to think less is more when the ten tracks take no more than 35 minutes to play through.

I would say that there are both positives and negatives with this album and its ten tracks, some tracks are great while others are quite average or even dull. So lets start with the good stuff, I like the production and sound the band has on this album. The vocalist is quite good as well, lots of energy. There are four tracks I find great they are the opening track called Damned, the second track called Tell Me What it Takes is really good, the title track I like as well and the ending track called Sorry is a good track and a brilliant ending.

Then we have the negatives which are the rest of the tracks, it is not that they are bad tracks but they do not do much for me as a listener either. They can be said to be tracks that go in through the left ear and exit through the right ear, it feels a bit like they are fillers which must be said to be kind of odd considering that the album is no longer than 35 minutes.

I would say that the brilliant tracks balance out the negative side of the poor tracks so in the end I find this album being an alright album with the best being quite brilliant and the rest being not that brilliant. So if you are into modern heavy rock music I am sure you will enjoy this album, and for the rest of us there are a few tracks that will probably please us but I would think twice before considering to buy the album.


Label: Metalville/Flying Dolphin Entertainment
Three similar bands: Eat the Gun/Disturbed/Soundgarden
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
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