Sofia Talvik
V - Part Three of L.O.V.E.

1. Delusional
2. Circle of Friends
3. To Watch the Bridges Burn
4. Jonestown

Sofia Talvik

2005 - Blue Moon
2007 - Street of Dreams
2007 - Street of Dremix
2008 - Jonestown
2010 - Florida
2010 - Florida Acoustic
2011 - L
2011 - O


Produced by Janne Manninen
Music & Lyrics by Sofia Talvik

Released 1/9-2011
Reviewed 24/10-2011


Again Sofia Talvik and her stuff, this time the release of the third part in the metal versions of he L.O.V.E.-story is drawing nearer and that one will be reviewed soon after this one. I think it is good that we get the originals now and not only the metal ones but it would be fun to get these ones a bit closer to the release, this EP was released over a month ago and the heavy metal one will be released in november which is about the same time as the last part of Sofia’s albums with the metal one probably seeing the light of day something like a month later. Anyway that and the fact that the promotor put the wrong cover on this version in the download pool along with making some errors with the links in the text is nothing that really effect this EP. So, the third part has been out for a while and as the prior parts it was released electronically and the recording was funded by generous fans. I think that is quite an interesting way to work in a music business that is not really making any money at the moment, having the fans as label and financier is a clever thing I would say.

This part can be said to be more electronic and less relaxed than the prior, it is somewhat varied in style over the four tracks though with two tracks in Circle of Friends and ending track Jonestown being more relaxed and with less noticeable synthpop style. The opening track Delusional has a quite obvious electronic feel to it and the synths are slightly overwhelming towards the end of the track when you have grown bored with them. The third track To Watch the Bridges Burn is an upbeat pop track with a positive feel to it, it has a slightly disturbing drum beat though which is a slight annoyance. Sofia’s voice is the main focal point this time as well, even though the electronics compete with here a little bit, especially in the first track. The sound and production is very good this time as well, maybe the synths should have been a bit toned down in the first track though. This part is fourteen and a half minute long which is of course quite short but soon you can but all parts together into one “album” that will last for around one hour. The cover art goes in the same style as the previous releases in the series.

I was very impressed with the prior release called O, not as impressed with this one as the songs are just not as good on this one as they were on the prior release. I think that the electronics and synths are overwhelming in the first track and even though I like the song in itself I don’t care much for the synths which becomes a bit disturbing in the end of the song. The second track called Circle of Friends I like very much, it is a bit more relaxed and toned down and the electronics are not given as much space which is an immediate boost to the quality and a song I like. The third track is a really nice upbeat, positive, little pop song that makes you sort of happy, had it not been for that little annoying drumbeat that is like a snake in paradise or some similar parable. Ending track Jonestown is my favourite on the album, it is a beautiful song that you just want to sit back and take in, this is how I think she sounds when she is at her best, the good Sofia. But I do not really know much of her work so I might be wrong there. I think Sofia sings brilliantly again and I think this is a really good EP despite me complaining about some small letdowns, it is not as good as the prior one called O which was a very strong five in the ratings while this one is a bit one the minus side of the same rating. Still the ratings will be the same even though I’d rather listen to O than V but I can play them both in a row making it a bit longer in playing time which I think is good.

I really hope that this project will be released on a double vinyl when it has been released in its entirety, because each side of the gatefold cover can hold a letter and then each side of the records can hold a letter of music, that would be brilliant and something to hope for, even though I doubt it will happen but if it did I would have loved it in my record collection. Part three of this series is a very good set of songs though, not as good as O but I can still recommend it.



Label: Makaki Records/Triada
Three similar bands: Badmouth/G.A.I.N./Ball of Mayhem
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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