Perry and the Travellers
The Grand Voyage

01. Walkin' on that Line
02. Stand Together
03. All My Time
04. On the Edge
05. The World Through My Eyes
06. Give a Little Romance
07. Beautiful Place
08. Bikini Campfire
09.Run Run Runy
10. Dodge Ram Jam

Anders "snake" Ahlm: keys, slide guitar, harmonica
Anders "Andy" Persson: Guitar & vocals
Lucas "Lunke" Lindstedt : Drums
Pär "Perry" Nordwall : Guitars & Lead vocals
Tim Flinth : Bass & Vocals

Hard Lovin' (2007)
Other Side of the Bridge (2009)

Tobias Pettersson : Saxophone
Johanna Boes : Choir

Recorded and mixed by Ola Sonmark
Mastered by Svante Forsbäck

Released 27/4-2011
Reviewed 7/6-2011


Anyone who has heard Perry and the Travellers should be rather sure as to where this grand voyage is heading. Those of you who have not, have a look at the cover and see if you can fancy a guess, it should be easy. If you still do not know you might consider brushing up on your musical knowledge but just for you I can tell you that these gang of travellers are heading for the USA and more precise the southern states. The home of country music and the kind of southern rock that this band are giving us on this their third album, of course they did give us the same on their first two albums as well.

Any of you who know this band from before will know what this album sounds like, it is southern rock with energy and feeling. If we are to name bands it is probably inspired by bands like Lynard Skynard and The Allman Brothers Band, at least that is the information I have managed to find even though I would not disagree. The band has recorded this album just like the one before it live in the studio giving it a feel of presence as they are quite skilled playing together. The sound of the album is good, not overly polished but not dirty either. The band also add some elements of country and hardrock in their music, not much but a little touch of that as well.

The mix of calmer songs along with faster more energetic ones work well for this album and I find myself despite being nowhere near a fan of the genre, thinking that it is a quite good album. Most albums of this genre tend to get me truly bored but this one work really well and this band might be the best that I have heard in the genre. I would say that I think that the album preceding this one is slightly better but not by much and this is still a really good album which I am quite sure that fans of the genre will adore.

Critique towards this album and this band will be that they do not show much of their own and sound like one of these bands, but really what does that matter when you do music better than that lot. My critique would just be that they sound quite similar to the prior album with this one but that’s about it and now that this album is out there we will see if it will be what the name says, the trigger to go to the USA again.

Ten tracks (five on each side on the vinyl release) and almost 34 minutes of music, that is more or less perfect in time and I can enjoy this band quite a bit, sure the album will still ”only” receive a four but that is quite good considering that I do not really care much for the genre. It is also an album that has no real high points but neither does it have any real lows so it is a rather good album all the way through and as I stated already: one that will appeal to fans of the genre.

In short, I think this is a really good album and band, anyone considering themselves fans of southern rock ought to look this album and this band up immediately.


Label - Knuckleville Productions
Three similar bands - Allman Brothers Band/Grand Funk/Lynyrd Skynyrd
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm