Isis Child
Strange Days

1. Let’s Take A Walk
2. Dancing
3. Can’t You Hear Me
4. I Love The Way
5. Loneliness
6. If You Wanna Be Mine
7. It’s Always The Same
8. Looking For The One
9. Strange Days
10. Even If
11. Someone
12. Stop Looking Down On Me

Nathalie Pellissier - Vocals
Freddy Mazzucco - Guitar
Alain Rinallo, Hugo Adam, Mathias Lechartier - Bass
David Zecca / Chris Drouin - Drums
Robert Geoffroy / Julien Spreutels - Keyboards

Ailleurs (2008)

Produced by Freddy Mazzucco
Recorded by Gerald Jans at Noise Factory Studios (Belgium)

Mixed by Pelle Saether at Studio Underground (Sweden)
Mastered by G. Finnberg Sweden
Artwork by Mike Lombard

Alex from the band Orion (backing vocals)

Released 30/9-2011
Reviewed 4/10-2011


That is actually Horus Isis’ child, the name of it is Horus. The goddess Isis is known from the ancient egyptians and their mythologies, daughter of Geb and Nut she was. Her child was the son Horus which would seem to be the logical name for a band calling themselves such a thing, but maybe they were just thinking of Isis as the goddess of children, who knows. Thinking of these myths the artwork first seems quite good and cool which it still is even though it feels a bit distanced from the story of Isis and Horus as Horus was of male origin (maybe inbreeding can cause growth of wings and female features in a man) so it cannot be him on the cover and even if Isis is the female the hairdo is wrong in the cover art. Still I like the cover art, a bit of mysticism and beauty in one even if the story from which the bandname is contrived is different from the artwork.

Isis child is melodic rock/hardrock that is fronted by a female singer, it is a bit heavier than what is known as AOR and it is not as catchy and polished as that genre either. Nathalie as she is called, the singer that is, sings in a voice with lots of power and authority and stand almost as a goddess above the musical landscape. The production is modern and the sound has just a slight nod backwards in time towards the eighties rock sound, they have also saved some rough edges to make for a more energetic sound. The songs are much in the midtempo range but with several deviations so that statement becomes of low accuracy, the songs conform to an overall soundscape but they then make several excursions from the threaded paths to make it appear rather varied in sound but still coherent.

I think this album comes out overall as really good, I think they have found the perfect sound for what they do. Nathalie has a great voice that really carry these songs which makes sure that they all maintain a high quality level throughout. The album is also varied enough to keep me interested through the 48 minutes and twelve tracks it lasts, even though there are instances where I starts loosing interest. For these instances there are several songs through the album that grabs my attention again making these lapses rather short.
The album first opens on a high note in Lets Take A Walk which presents the sound of the album and is a really good track, then there are a few more similar tracks worth mentioning. I think track four I Love the Way, track six If You Wanna Be Mine, track seven It’s Always the Same, track eight Looking for the One and the ending track Stop Looking Down on Me are such tracks that will always grab my attention while listening to the album. This does not mean that the other tracks are bad, all the tracks on the album are very good and there is no bad track. I think this is an album that hold a really high quality.

There is really nothing real to complain about but if I were really looking I would point out that the album is slightly on the long side and that the cover artwork is not historically accurate with Isis but as I said that is no real complaints just nitpicking in lack of other things to complain about. The album is a very good album with twelve interesting songs and it really should make you want to take a walk in order to buy this album at the nearest record store.

I think Horus did a good job with this album, the singer Nathalie is one of the best female rock singers I have heard and the album is really good. An album to enjoy for all of us who like female fronted hardrock and melodic music, fortunately it is not always the same in this genre.


Isis Child - If you wanna be mine

Label: Yesterrock/GerMusica
Three similar bands: Alyson Avenue/Orion/Vanity Inc.
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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