1. Smell The Party
2. Let's Go Down
3. Fine By Thursday
4. Breathe
5. Rolling Stones
6. Versus
7. A Song On The B Side
8. Modern Day Saviour
9. Oh Sue
10. Rock And Roll
11. Everybodymoveeverybodygethurt

Annabella - vocals
Juha Bandit - guitar
Jussi - guitar
Miki Peltola - bass
Sam Junni - drums

...roadkills! - EP (2004)
Vanity is a full-time job - EP (2005)
On Your Skin (2007)

Released 28/9-2009
Reviewed 7/11-2009


Finnish band the vanity ink comes out with more random senseless behaviour. This kind of behaviour is something they have collected on a round piece of plastic with a shiny underside and a upside with some symbols on it. This plastic round piece you place inside the disc thing of your music player and then magically music starts coming out of the loudspeakers. But really why am I saying this? I guess all I really want to say is that you now can get more random senseless behaviour in a box.

Musically we are looking backwards, the Finns are looking at the known glammy bands of the eighties and plays their music in that fashion with powerful choruses and loads of attitude. All this fronted by a female called Annabella, could it really be any more interesting musically? Well slightly but not much.

I guess the word I am looking for here is backwards compatibility, I think people who are fans of these old hacks actually can enjoy these guys as much as those who likes modern music. One can actually say this is a mix of recycling and new materials.

It is difficult not to like this band as their music has loads of power and attitude and especially a lot of energy. So with lots of intensity and energy I cannot really complain at all when it comes to this record, it is good.

This record, good as it is, starts with a song called Smell the Party which is a great opening track that sets a good tone for the rest of the record, expectations that this record can live up to. This semi-nostalgic music is even giving a nod towards some really old rockers. The Rolling Stones to be exact as there is a song title with that very name, and said band are not really only very old, they can actually be called relics.

Best track of the record is called Versus and that is a real hit track that makes the difference between this being an ordinary record and this being an extraordinary record.

I have only good things to say about this record and I think this band deserves a recognition which I am giving them at this very time.


Label - Swedmetal records
Three similar bands - Cherry Lips/Innocent Rosie/Poison
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

Vanity ink - More Random Senseless Behaviour