Dark and Cold

01. Last Breath
02. Lord Of Darkness
03. Father
04. Blow Away
05. Four
06. I‘m Your Hate
07. Piece Of Shit
08. Conscience
09. Black Bridges
10. Dark And Cold

Marco Kern (Rhythm Guitar & Vocals)
Dominik Eder (Bass Guitar)
Matthias Mai (Drums)
Rene Auer (Lead Guitar)


Mix and mastering by Andy Laroque

Released 27/5-2011
Reviewed 2/7-2011



Misspelled word for days in the garage it would seem at first glance, then when looking it would appear that a gang of austrians have spent some time in a garage to record some music or maybe to fiddle around with some vehicle. One of those guys would appear to be somewhat suicidal, at least that is how it would seem at first glance. Wether or not it is like that is anybody’s guess but it is how it looks for the outside observer who just draws crazy conclusions from guessing about things seen on an album cover.

I would say musically it is quite aggressive, dark, powerful, raw and whatever else you like to add if you want to describe heavy metal music that is heavy. It is like a nod back towards a time when rock and metal music was something that could disturb parents just by being heavy, a nod back to the days when it was rebellious to make such music. It is a nod back towards times that has passed, passed long ago. It is produced so that it keeps the raw and heavy feel while steel feeling professionally made and modern and not like those old thrash bands of the eighties that felt aggressive and raw while still seeming to be quite untalented.

Garagedays does not feel untalented to me, they have a good balance between their old school inspirations and the modern world that they are a part of. What also strikes me with this band is the darkness that runs through their lyrics like a red carpet runs from an airplane to a limousine. The lyrics deal with the darker sides of our society, things that are normally not spoken of. This lyrical themes does not however interfere with the music, which is really good. Not maybe any massive catchy hit songs but songs that move and songs that feel very much as they are what heavy metal is all about.

In a way I think this reminds slightly of a quite well known german band that is called accept, it is the same sense of heavy rockin’ and the same raw feel, the difference is that Udo has a much more nagging voice than the singer of Garagedays who is known by the name of Marco Kern. It can also be said to be similar to the thrash metal of the eighties due to the aggressiveness and the energy the band throws out there through their music.

The ten tracks and about 42 minutes of music flow by swiftly and all of a sudden the album is past and you have this sense that you have listened to something really good. There is no track that really stand out from the rest but the overall feel is so good that it does not really matter. I find myself enjoying to listen to this album as it is really good and maybe also a start of a career of a great band.

I would assume that the rawness of the music plays in hand with the lyrical theme of the band, this rawness is thanks to a great production signed by well known producer Andy Laroque who really brought out the best of the band’s music.

So I can clearly recommend this album to anyone into heavy metal music with an aggressive touch, one question always pop up though and that is: what is it with white males from Florida? isn’t it strange?



Label: Massacre Records
Three similar bands: Metallica/Accept/Kreator
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
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