Captain Black Beard

1. Hey Man
2. Don’t Turn Your Back On Love
3. Rock Is My Life
4. American Dream
5. Concrete Jungle
6. Ex-Convict
7. No Worries
8. Summer Nights
9. True Love
10. Rock Bottom
11. Rockin’ Body

Sakaria Björklund - vocals/guitar
Victor Högberg - drums
Fredrik Svensson - guitar
Robert Majd - bass



All music written & arranged by Captain Black Beard
Lyrics by S.Björklund ("No Worries" & "Summer Nights" by S.Björklund & F.Svensson)
Recorded @ Ghost Ward
Produced, mixed & mastered by David Castillo
Strings on "Concrete Jungle" & "Rock Bottom" by Frank Default

Released 2011-05-28
Reviewed 2011-09-11


So, four guys who have the swords to control a sailing ship under the flag of Jolly Roger, they are on their way to the United States to look for the fountain of youth and also to play some shows there on the east coast. Now I have plugged their going over to the USA just as they wanted, be sure to visit their shows there visit their website for more info on locations and dates. These black bearded captains does besides shrinking ships and placing them in bottles, also have a red album cover with a car and a few swords on it, possibly the swords that control the ship which I assume they will be taking when they are leaving for the States to play their show and search the stranger tides for the fountain. This album was released back in may but you will have to blame the band for it not being reviewed earlier here as they gave it to us just eleven days ago so I have been faster than normal in listening many times to it and reviewing it, for some reason I felt it would not be good to mess with someone knowing a few voodoo tricks.

So, poor pirate jokes coming thick and fast, much like the catchy choruses of the music this band offers. It is besides catchy choruses, fast paced melodic rock music with a high level of energy. With modern production and sing-along kind of chorus it would probably do well on the radio and it has a style that quite easily stick in your mind and then you’ll have a hard time getting it away from there. The album has eleven tracks and it will take you just over 48 minutes to play them all in their entirety.

It all starts with a track that is called Hey Man that is just about a perfect description of the sound of this band, like typical song for them you can say in a way. It is also a track that does not really convince me when listening to this in the earlier runs. The second track called Don’t Turn Your Back on Love is better, much better but it still has me unconvinced, especially about the singer that I think is a bit of a let down for the music here. It changes a lot to the third track called Rock is My Life which is a really good song that show the band from a better side than the first two, the fourth track American Dream is even better and now it would seem there is not stopping these guys. They have the swords and the ship to do it, or so it would seem. Track five through seven are good but at the same time a bit forgetful. Track eight though, Summer Nights awakens an album that was about to go to sleep and then after that great track that might be the best on the album the album is rounded off in a good way.

After hearing it now some ten-twelve times I would say that it is a very good album, energetic, great catchiness and quite faultless melodic rock music. One thing though is the quite daft opening two tracks that really does nothing, they could have skipped those but asa whole it is a very well made album with great songs well worth checking out if you are in any way a fan of the music we write about in out hallowed scrolls.

And don’t let bad pirate analogies put you off, you can check out how to buy this band’s music on their website and then you can buy it. I promise you that it will be worth the money as it is music that hit you much like a surprise cut from a sword in the right shoulder does, and if you would not like it to listen to I would say that it is a great thing to practice your stabbing with the sword on so it will be a good investment no matter what. I would say that the music of Captain Black Beard is great melodic rock music with wind in the sails that most of you who read this review will enjoy.


Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Thin Lizzy/Whitesnake/Mötley Crüe
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
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