Twice a Man

01 A Letter
02 Everything is possible
03 Wandering
04 Walls
05 Tranquil moonlit lake
06 Follow a simple path
07 Something else
08 Where are you now
09 Fearless in the rain
10 Moon

Dan Söderqvist & Karl Gasleben

Music for Girls (1982)
The sound of a goat in a room (1983)
Observations from a borderland 12" (1983)
From a northern shore (1984)
Waterland (1984)
Across the ocean (1984)
Slow swirl(1985)
Works on yellow (1986)
Macbeth (1986)
Aqua marine drum - 12" (1986)
Driftwood (1988)
The sound isn't organized yet (1990)
A midsummernight's dream (1991)
Figaros bröllop (1992)
Fungus & Sponge (1993)
Instru Mental (1995)
Agricultural Beauty (2002)
Clouds (2008)



Released 30/4-2010
Reviewed 14/6-2010


Swedish duo Twice a Man are back with another album, they have been releasing such since 1982, that is quite some time for sure (to quote some Italian bloke). Their new record is called Icicles which is something I am quite used to seeing a few of as they are rather common where I live.

A band that release a record called Icicles can only be some Norweigian dark black metal band singing about snowy and icy deaths in Norway. But they are not that, they are actually a synthpop band which is kind of strange, both the name and that they are given to us for review but as they are I will review it.

The record cover is rather good looking, it actually look quite good and creative which seem to indicate a creative and different music. Then it all starts with A Letter which seem to indicate that Everything Is Possible and then so on and so forth in the same passion to Tranquil Moonlit Lakes and actually even the Moon, at least the song titles are interesting and rather good but what about the music?

Well, it all starts as I said with A Letter, which is a rather good track with nice melodies and an interesting character, it is also a song that promise quite a bit for the upcoming tracks. Something those tracks really fail to deliver upon. Sure it is not really completely awful but most track lacks of general interest, some are just plain boring while other seems stupid.

I wonder about what it was in general that made me feel that this record was rather boring. With time I have grown to feel that this record was as it was because the band is getting old and the songs are tired, that is the general feel, it feels tired and on routine. I am sure the band does not see it that way but it is how it sounds, it does not sound as good as it could have done with the talent the band seem to possess.

With the many years of experience the band has and the many releases that they have, it seems only natural that things seem to go on routine and because of that it sounds a bit tired.

I believe that this record could possibly be interesting and good to the ears of the fan of the genre but they usually tend to tolerate tired and uninteresting stuff in their favourite genre in a completely different way than us boring reviewers so if you like this genre I am sure it will not be wasted to look this up.

In the end though, I feel that Icicles is an ice cold record that I cannot really warm up to and it is a tired old record that really brings nothing new to the table. Maybe some of the band’s older records are more vital and maybe if time permits I might check one out, but that is not likely though.

I cannot recommend this record as it is rather dull and tired and I don’t like dull and tired records.


Label - xenophone international/yellow ltd/ad explorata/sound pollution
Three similar bands - Depeche Mode/ De/Vision /
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm